Penny Little

Interview With Penny Little, Director of 911: Dust and Deceit at the World Trade Center


Interview With Penny Little, Director of 911: Dust and Deceit at the World Trade Center
Written by Scott Butki
Published March 27, 2007

With 911: Dust and Deceit at the World Trade Center, Penny Little has made a moving, engrossing indictment of how the federal government failed New York City residents, and the rescue workers and volunteers near the Twin Towers, in the days following 9/11 and continue to do so today.

The documentary focuses on the dust from the twin towers. As if it was not enough that terrorists destroyed those famous buildings, the Environmental Protection Agency itself fell down on the job, repeatedly asserting that inhalation of the dust would not hurt anyone.

Through interviews, Little proves that information to be wrong as person after person speaks on camera of health problems following exposure to contaminants that can’t be explained in any other way — a singer who can no longer sing, a janitor who can no longer climb as many stairs, to name the two most memorable to me.

The 9-11 Dust, part II on Visibility 9-11


In this the 2nd of a 3 or 4 part series on the 9-11 Dust, Visibility 9-11 welcomes to the program Penny Little, producer of the new 9-11 documentary, 911 Dust and Deceit. One week after September 11th, Christie Todd Whitman stated that, "Given the scope of the tragedy from last week, I am glad to reassure the people of New York and Washington D.C., that their air is safe to breathe and their water is safe to drink.", even as the EPA had information to the contrary. In fact, the 9-11 dust was extremely caustic and in August of 2003, the EPA issued a report showing the changes the Bush administration made to the intial cautionary statements which were originally meant to warn the public of the dangers in the dust. These warnings were changed to reasurances and the public never heard the truth. These lies have resulted in thousands of people getting sick from breathing the toxic dust, and now, over 5 years later, they are dying. If you think our own government isn't capable of deliberately killing its' own citizens, think again.