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The Real Matrix: The Pentagon Invades Your Life By Nick Turse

Depressing . . . Betsy

The Real Matrix
The Pentagon Invades Your Life

By Nick Turse

Rick is a midlevel manager in a financial services company in New York City. Each day he commutes from Weehawken, New Jersey, a suburb only a stone's throw from the Big Apple, where he lives with his wife, Donna, and his teenage son, Steven. A late baby boomer, Rick just missed the Vietnam era's antiwar protests, but he's been against the war in Iraq from the beginning. He thinks the Pentagon is out of control and considers the military-industrial complex a danger to the country. If you asked him, it's a subject on which he would rate himself as knowledgeable. He puts effort into educating himself on such matters. He reads liberal websites, subscribes to progressive-minded magazines, and is a devotee of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

In fact, he has no idea just how deep the Pentagon rabbit hole goes or how far down it his family already is.

US News Media's Latest Disgrace By Robert Parry

I thought the article re this issue yesterday on the front page of the NYT (and posted here on 911Blogger) was explosive. Yet not much more than a collective yawn today from America and/or other media outlets . . . much like Bush's recent admittance of torture knowledge+ on ABC. What the hell is going on? Are "we" all that numb? I don't think so . . . But there needs to be a media-driven outrage to jumpstart this . . . . a Catch-22 perhaps but maybe we're getting closer to this changing . . . I think some in the media are getting sick of themselves and their companies . . . Betsy

US News Media's Latest Disgrace

By Robert Parry
April 21, 2008

After prying loose 8,000 pages of Pentagon documents, the New York Times has proven what should have been obvious years ago: the Bush administration manipulated public opinion on the Iraq War, in part, by funneling propaganda through former senior military officers who served as expert analysts on TV news shows.

Sibel Edmonds vs. the Nuclear Terrorists

This is the outline for a speech i recently delivered in my Communications class- 13 people including the teacher, no one had ever heard of her, 3 seemed uninterested/annoyed, the rest were interested, some deeply, some seemed a bit shaken up, at least 3 (including the teacher) took note of her website "" when i mentioned that at the end. I'll be adapting this as a longer article with sources linked, but this outline format worked well for the speech- i practiced it about 5 times and basically just delivered the outline- 7"30'

The Lack of Foundation Damage at the Pentagon is Irreconcilable with the Official Reports and Data

original article
(This is a follow up article to our recent related piece about the aeronautically impossible required descent angle.)

The Lack of Foundation Damage at the Pentagon is Irreconcilable with the Official Reports and Data

By: Craig Ranke, Citizen Investigation Team
Rob Balsamo, Pilots For 9/11 Truth

03/15/08 - The lack of foundation damage at the Pentagon is irreconcilable with the official reports and is strong physical evidence contradicting the 9/11 official story.

The ASCE Building Performance Report has meticulously documented the damage to the building and has come to the conclusion that all damage from the alleged plane impact was limited to the bottom two floors, but primarily below the 2nd floor slab so that 90 tons of jumbo jet would have slid on it's belly across the 1st floor slab all the way through the C-ring.

Misdirection at WND

Sept. 11 redux: Video shows jet vaporizing OR SO THEY SAY ...

"Test offers evidence to skeptics who cite lack of debris after Pentagon crash" WND's headline

You need to go to the site to see the vid and article. What is disturbing is that you can see the wings go through the block of cement, however, they fail to mention that there was no wing damage to the Pentagon building.

Also no mention of how thick the wall of the Pentagon is to their experiment wall, nor the grade of density of the cement used in their experimental wall, which appears to be about 4 feet thick. The F-4 is considerably smaller than a 757. In addition, WND does not show photos of the wall or debris after the experiment, so how do we know there wasn't any debris. I don't know about F-4 engines, but I do know that on a 757 the material for many of the parts of the engines: like fan blades and turbine blades are made from titanium or other extremely dense alloys.

Then they poll the reader: "Does the video change the way you think of 9/11?"

Rick Renzi - Key 9/11/01 Eyewitness' Indicted for Fraud

AZ Congressman and state co-chair for John McCain's Arizona leadership team was also a key eyewitness who claims to have seen Flight 77 hit the Pentagon. Under the circumstances, his credibility seems to have gone down the toilet.

Feb 22, 2008

According to Friday's indictment of Renzi, the Arizona Republican "concealed his misappropriation and embezzlement by filing Federal Election Commission Form 3, Reports of Receipts and Disbursements, on or about Jan. 24, 2002, for the final quarter of 2001. During the period Dec. 11, 2001 through Dec. 31, 2001, Renzi claimed total receipts of $404,090.00, all of which he claimed to be loans from himself. In fact, as as Renzi well knew, more than $300,000.00 of those funds constituted insurance premiums that were neither the property of Renzi nor of Renzi and Company."

In total, Renzi allegedly steered $422,000 in embezzled funds to his campaign between Dec. 2001 and March 2002, according to the indictment. Beardall allegedly assisted Renzi in covering up the embezzlement from state insurance regulators in Florida and Virginia.

Bill Doyle, Father of 9/11 Victim, SPEAKS OUT!

Sunday, February 17, 2008
"A condensed video of an original Alex Jones radio interview with 9/11 activist Bill Doyle, father of Joey Doyle, who was killed in the September 11 attack on the World Trade Center in New York."


“We have two planes fly into the towers and all of a sudden they get blown up within an hour and a half - that’s impossible,” said Doyle.

Doyle estimated that around half of the family members his organization represents think that there was government complicity in the attacks.

Pentagon charges Sept. 11 suspects


Pentagon charges Sept. 11 suspects

By PAULINE JELINEK, Associated Press Writer

The Pentagon has charged six detainees at Guantanamo Bay with murder and war crimes in connection with the Sept. 11 attacks, it was announced Monday. Officials said they'll seek the death penalty in what would be the first trials under the terrorism-era military tribunal system.

"These charges allege a long term, highly sophisticated, organized plan by al-Qaida to attack the United States of America," Brig. Gen. Thomas W. Hartmann, the legal adviser to the tribunal system, told reporters. He added that the charges have been sworn "against six individuals alleged to be responsible for the planning and execution of the attacks" which occurred on Sept. 11, 2001 and killed nearly 3,000 people.

Hartmann said the six include Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the suspected mastermind of the attacks in which hijacked planes were flown into buildings in New York and Washington. Another hijacked plane crashed in the fields of western Pennsylvania.

First 9/11 Flyer Ever Created, Posted in Harvard U. 9/12/01 Emailed from Harvard Business School to Mainstream Media Outlets

********** First 9/11 Flyer, Posted in Harvard Yard 9/12/2001***********



U.S. Air Force General Richard B. Meyers says regarding the terrorists attacks,
“ . . . It’s coming from the inside.” (Boston Globe)

WHY THE DELAY? NORAD receives 10 minutes advance notice,
But, waits over an hour to respond?

OUR OWN CIA: has been financing Saudi born, Osama bin Laden,
formerly, Tim Osmond, in covert operations since 1979.

of Palestinians celebrating the invasion of Kuwait, and portraying these images as current Palestinian scenes celebrating the recent devastation in New York and Washington D.C.







Flight 77 and Hani Hanjour - Official Myth Debunked

I've updated my article about Hani Hanjour's flying skills and the impossibility that he piloted Flight 77.

You can find the old version here:

Part One goes deeply into all accounts on Hanjour's piloting skills, including all debunking points, and shows that he was in fact a weak pilot.

Changes in this part have been made mainly on those two entries (and the summary):

June/Juli 2001 - Caldwell Flight Academy Fairfield, New Jersey
August 2001 - Congressional Air Charters Gaithersburg, Maryland

In Part One I go then into the maneuver of Flight 77 and show that this maneuver was far beyond the capability of Hanjour. I also included all debunking points.

Here, I added more statements by pilots confirming the difficulty of the performed maneuver, and that it requires advanced skills to do so.

I also have a look into the hijacking scenario on Flight 77, point out inconsisties and contradictions. I added two new sub-section to this subject, "Was there a fight going on?" and "The conflict of the official account with crash site observations".

Lies, Conflicting Reports, Cover-Up's

Lies, Conflicting Reports, Cover-Up's

Location of American 77 Flight Data Recorder - Part II

11/30/07 - Many may recall an article we published regarding location of American Airlines Flight 77 Flight Data Recorder (AA 77 FDR: in which we expose the govt story of the flight data recorder being found at the entrance hole and exit hole. Since the article has been published, the MSNBC article we sourced ( no longer exists and now redirects to an irrelevant Newsweek page ( Why would MSNBC want to remove a page which explains the recovery of AA 77 FDR? Is it because we exposed the conflicting reports of location? It gets deeper.

Popular Mechanics sources a quote from Allyn E. Kilsheimer who states;


Uncut unedited raw 9/11/01 satellite feed Pentagon video

Raw CBS news feed from September 11/ spinning graphics, flashy text, dramatic music or talking points. (I don't know, but it seems like whenever they were about to say something VERY interesting, the clip is cut.)

Pentagon attack debate (CIT vs The Frustrating Fraud)

Props to Caustic Logic, creator of The Frustrating Fraud blog for agreeing to accept my challenge to a recorded debate. He has declined to discuss the info over the phone in the past but the fact that he finally agreed does add a notch of credibility/legitimacy to his truth seeking efforts in my opinion.

I must admit it was strange to hear him verbalize his contradictory explanation for the north side evidence.

Although he is a self proclaimed LIHOPer he has stated that he believes the most likely scenario is that all of the CITGO witnesses are part of the conspiracy and are planted operatives put out to spread disinformation that proves the official story false.

The irony in this is that he has to accept this wild conspiracy theory (with no evidence) as a method to dismiss what he asserts is a wild conspiracy theory (that is supported with strong evidence).

One gatekeeper starting to crack: Democracy for America

I suggest heading over to the Democracy for America blog, Blog for America, and comment on their current entry, What ever happened to......

DFA is a fine organization that is 'mainstream' progressive - it's the outshoot of the Dean campaign - and this is the second time that a topic closely related to 9/11 Truth has appeared on their blog.

I would suggest that people here go over and post some poite follow-up comments. Maybe even better would be to gently start posting interesting diary entries there, remembering to tailor it to a general audience of progressives, and see how much more headway can be made in bring up the issues we find important to this organization and to the community that reads it.

T. Carter - parapolitical investigator and 911 stewardess

Parapolitical Resarcher John Judge introduces fellow researcher and 911 flight stewardess witness on September 11th and the Pentagon attack.