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Some time ago I wrote an article about the importance of not wasting time on CIT. Most of their followers are impossible to convince and consequently the endless debates with them are entirely fruitless, resulting in nothing more than distraction. But that's not to say we should ignore them completely. Just because we ignore them doesn't mean they won't be zipping around spouting their flawed testimony, their aggressive behavior, anything that discredits those of us who are careful and have realistic standards of evidence.

There's an issue I just don't see talked about often enough in regards to CIT. People are ready to talk about the things I mentioned above and more. The contradicting testimony, the over-zealous nature of their followers, the fact that the testimony contradicts physical evidence, all these things that relate to debunking them. What I don't see talked about is how this all plays into the legal implications of what CIT is proposing.

Version 7 of "What hit the Pentagon? Misinformation and its Effect on Credibilty...." is at the Journal of 9/11 Studies

In this version an additional photograph of debris has been included, wing loading on the spiral descent of flight AA77 has been calculated and the description of the position of CIT has been enlarged. Version 5 included a table showing that a range of flight paths exist which would enable a Boeing 757 to hit the light poles and the Pentagon without experiencing excessive g-force. As some researchers have stated that this is impossible the issue of misinformation arises and is examined in a postscript. The calculations involved are explained in the attached spreadsheet.

Summary and Analysis of "National Security Alert" by Chris Sarns

12-31-09 revised 7-12-10

Summary and Analysis of "National Security Alert" by Chris Sarns

Like many others I was impressed with the Citizen Investigation Team (CIT) video "National Security Alert" (NSA) when I saw it for the first time. I thought that the unanimous testimony of the witnesses confirmed the north flight path of American Airlines flight 77, but I could not see how that in any way proved their "flyover theory". I did not give the "flyover" theory much thought because it seemed to be a minor point. As it turns out, the strong evidence for the north flight path was just the "hook", and "flyover" was actually their main point.


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The Frustrating Fraud
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NOTE: The full post isn’t done – I’ll be adding some details and graphics for a couple days. I've opted to simplify the process by not citing and linking to all my sources. Dig around if you have any doubts. Props to Mangoose at JREF for a couple of these leads.

“We Tried…”

New videos as of February 1st, 2009


NE418: Pentagon witness saying he saw a plane land into the Pentagon, followed by another plane (C130).

more at

In reference to our FOIA request, the FBI has sent us 13 additional PENTTBOM videos. This is the second round release (not counting the CCTV Pentagon, CITGO, and Doubltree video releases). Each DVD contains 1 video from the 'menu' list. Here is a summary of what was sent:

NE515: WTC ground scenes. Begins 5 minutes after first impact. Witness says he saw the first plane.
K3074: Footage of the second plane impacting the WTC. The video also captures the collapses.

911 Pentagon Eye Witnesses

These witnesses make a hard case to refute that there was a jet liner that crashed into the pentagon. But why didn't they find the plane?

Pentagon Attack Witness Steve Chaconas

In this 10 minute presentation we feature highlights from our interview with a critical witness to the Pentagon attack jet on 9/11. The testimony of Steve Chaconas exposes how the true flight path of the plane proves the official black box and radar data fraudulent.

"Flight 77" The White Plane (explosive new evidence from CIT!)

CIT further exposes the mainstream media cover-up with this extremely important new 37 minute short revealing what the people of Arlington REALLY saw on 9/11.

It's clear the media is complicit in this operation and/or manipulated by the perpetrators so to accept what they report out of hand and keep turning back to the previously published eyewitness accounts as valid evidence can only push us farther from the truth.

Here we lift the veil of media deception to give you an inside look at how the operation was carried out.

Citizen Investigation Team presents:

"Flight 77" The White Plane

CIT presents: "The First Known Accomplice?"

Citizen Investigation Team presents our interview with taxicab driver Lloyd England in regards to the 9/11 Pentagon attack. Lloyd's account of a jet airliner clipping light pole #1 causing it to spear his windshield has been thrown into serious question as a result of testimony from the witnesses at the CITGO station who all place the plane on the north side far from the light pole that allegedly hit his cab. At this point the debate about what happened at the Pentagon boils down to whether you choose to believe the CITGO witnesses or Lloyd. CIT asks you to make up your own mind but suggests you watch Lloyd's first-hand testimony in this presentation after viewing the testimony from the CITGO witnesses presented in The PentaCon for free on our website:

"The First Known Accomplice?"

Mineta Could NOT Have Been Referring to Flight 93

In an update to our story yesterday, Mineta's Testimony CONFIRMED, I wanted to examine the claim that Mineta got confused, and that the conversation between Cheney and the young officer was actually referring to Flight 93.

The flight path of Flight 93 shows that its closest proximity to the Pentagon was probably when it crashed (or if it got closer prior to crash, it never got much closer).

The 9/11 Commission stated that Flight 93 crashed 125 miles from Washington, D.C. Washington is about 5 miles from the Pentagon. So Flight 93 could not have crashed much closer than 120 miles from the Pentagon.

Mineta's Testimony CONFIRMED

When faced with former Secretary of Transportation Norman Mineta's testimony -- about Cheney's stand-down order as the plane approached the Pentagon -- Defenders of the official story have tried to discredit Mineta by saying that he got his times mixed up.

Specifically, Mineta claims:

"When I got to the White House, it was being evacuated. I met briefly with Richard Clark, a National Security Council staff member, who had no new information. Then the Secret Service escorted me down to the Presidential Emergency Operations Center, otherwise known as the PEOC."


Rumsfeld resigns

As predicted, the fall of a once powerful architect of war and the man who made 'shock and awe' a household phrase.

Loved by few but Republican diehards, but known for his occasional insightful slips of the tongue, could 'Rummy' feel the need to
set the record straight and thereby become the superwhistleblower whose confessional tendencies will bring the house of Bush-Cheney tumbling?

Go on, Donald, we're listening. Tell us how it was for you.,,1942763,00.html

Will Doubletree Hotel Video Show Pentagon Impact?

Steve Watson has an interesting analysis of the Pentagon video question at Infowars.

"Rumours have begun circulating today that a video due to be released in one week's time, just prior to the midterm elections, will show clear and crisp footage of American Airlines flight 77 hitting the Pentagon on September 11th 2001.

Such a release may sway uncertain voters into sticking with the devils they know rather than the devils they don't as far as the "protection" of America against Al Qaeda goes.

The video in question is the Doubletree hotel video, which government watchdog/ sometime propaganda outlet Judicial Watch says has been promised to them on November 9th.

9/11 Blog site Killtown states:

"So how much do you want to bet that this Doubletree Hotel security video will be released before this Tuesday (election day) to ’shock & awe’ the voters in hopes to sway the elections, especially if this video finally shows a plane hitting the Pentagon?”

Pentagon Video From Doubletree To Be Released Within a Week

Doubletree video release to 'shock & awe' before election? - Killtown

The much anticipated release of the Doubletree Hotel security video that has been speculated it will show a Boeing 757 hitting the Pentagon is due to be released by one week from today the latest:

“The FBI has agreed to release to Judicial Watch a videotape obtained from the Doubletree Hotel near the Pentagon by November 9, 2006.” - Judicial Watch

View from Doubletree Hotel resteraunt showing the Pentagon (red arrow). Source.

This is thought to be the same security video that Doubletree employees watched in "shock and horror" over and over again before the FBI came and confiscated it reportedly the next day:

“A security camera atop a hotel close to the Pentagon may have captured dramatic footage of the hijacked Boeing 757 airliner as it slammed into the western wall of the Pentagon. Hotel employees sat watching the film in shock and horror several times before the FBI confiscated the video as part of its investigation.” - Inside the Ring/Gertz File (09/21/01)

So how much do you want to bet that this Doubletree Hotel security video will be released before this Tuesday (election day) to “shock & awe” the voters in hopes to sway the elections, especially if this video finally shows a plane hitting the Pentagon?

Check out the full article via the link above.

Thanks Killtown for the reminder!

Weldon: Pentagon Report a Whitewash

Representative Curt Weldon has called the Pentagon's report that the hijackers were not identified and tracked prior to 9/11 through the Able Danger program a "whitewash".

Newsmax ran this story on Friday:

WASHINGTON -– Rep. Curt Weldon, R-Pa., called a Pentagon report he had requested about pre-9/11 intelligence on al-Qaida operations in the United States "emphatically wrong" and a "whitewash," aimed at discrediting him as he faces the toughest re-election campaign of his career.

The report was leaked to the press on Wednesday, but Weldon was not briefed on its contents until Thursday afternoon, despite his instrumental role in requesting the investigation.

"What really upset me was they actually released information to the media before they even met with me or anyone else," Weldon told NewsMax on Thursday.

The report, conducted by the Pentagon Inspector General, investigated claims brought to Weldon's office by active duty military officers and other Defense Department officials about information they had developed on al-Qaida cells in the United States more than one year before the Sept. 11 attacks on America.