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NATO commander: Al-Qaeda among Libya rebels

Metro, 30 March 2011




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NATO commander: Al-Qaeda among Libya rebels

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30 March 2011



Rumsfeld feels vindicated by Obama's Gitmo policy

Rumsfeld feels vindicated by Obama's Gitmo policy

"There are things you regret," he says during an interview Tuesday, the day his memoir Known and Unknown was published, but quickly adds that he also takes "great pride in the structures that the Bush administration put in place that this Obama administration criticized and ran against and now have retained: military commissions and indefinite detention and (the prison at) Guantanamo Bay, Cuba."
Is that a sense of vindication he's feeling?
"I suppose that's right," he says, smiling.

Should Obama's 'internet kill switch' power be curbed?


Under a World War II-era law, the US president appears to have authority to disconnect computer systems and servers from the internet in the event of a national emergency. But the next US Congress is poised to change that.

Under a World War II-era law, the US president appears to have authority to disconnect computer systems and servers from the internet in the event of a national emergency. But the next US Congress is poised to change that.

The law was passed in 1942. The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor had provoked fear of a foreign invasion of US soil, and Congress responded by giving President Franklin Roosevelt broad power to commandeer or shutter telephone and telegraph networks.

Barack Obama: The Oligarchs' President

Charles Ferguson’s new film, "Inside Job," a documentary about the financial crisis, is now in theaters nationwide. Ferguson holds a B.A. in mathematics from U.C. Berkeley, a Ph.D. In political science from MIT, and is the author of four books on various policy issues. "Inside Job" is his second film; his first, "No End in Sight," analyzed the occupation of Iraq and was nominated for an Academy Award in 2008.

"When I first decided to make a documentary about the financial crisis, in late 2008, my biggest question was how to handle Barack Obama. Alas, the answer rapidly became all too clear, as my film "Inside Job" shows in painful detail.

When Barack Obama was elected, he had an unprecedented opportunity to shape American history by bringing the country's new financial oligarchy under control. Elected on a platform of change and renewal by a nation in crisis and with strong majorities in both houses of Congress, his election celebrated throughout the world, Obama could have done great things. Instead, he gave us more of the same. America will be paying for his decision for a very long time".

Barack Obama Accused Of Exaggerating Terror Threat For Political Gain
Simon Tisdall and Richard Norton-Taylor
Thursday 7 October 2010

A US terror alert issued this week about al-Qaida plots to attack targets in western Europe was politically motivated and not based on credible new information, senior Pakistani diplomats and European intelligence officials have told the Guardian.

The non-specific US warning, which despite its vagueness led Britain, France and other countries to raise their overseas terror alert levels, was an attempt to justify a recent escalation in US drone and helicopter attacks inside Pakistan that have "set the country on fire", said Wajid Shamsul Hasan, the high commissioner to Britain.

Hasan, a veteran diplomat who is close to Pakistan's president, suggested the Obama administration was playing politics with the terror threat before next month's midterm congressional elections, in which the Republicans are expected to make big gains.

Review of David Ray Griffin's New Book: Cognitive Infiltration

Cognitive Infiltration: An Obama Appointee's Plan to Undermine the 9/11 Conspiracy Theory

Review of David Ray Griffin's Book


Obama comes out in favor of 9/11 health bill

Obama comes out in favor of 9/11 health billObama comes out in favor of 9/11 health bill

By Samuel Goldsmith and Richard Sisk

WASHINGTON — In a breakthrough for first responders, President Obama broke his silence on the Zadroga bill Wednesday and backed the uphill drive to get the legislation through Congress.

From Agent Orange, to 9/11, to BP: Kenneth Feinberg is Master of Disaster

Written for the 9/11 Truth Movement. Please forward widely.

By Sander Hicks
Founder, The Truth Party

Kenneth Feinberg, a key figure in the cover-up of 9/11, has popped up again at the forefront of the BP oil spill cover-up. Appointed by President Obama, Feinberg heads the compensation fund for BP that will reduce the oil giant’s liability in the Gulf, by twisting victims into out-of-court settlements.

“Feinberg’s a BP-paid lawyer, pretending to be neutral, acting with authority granted by the President, talking to spill victims and suggesting that they deal directly with him, and not their own lawyers,” a New Orleans attorney told

Kenneth Feinberg was “Special Master” of the 9/11 Victims Compensation Fund. This Congressionally-created cash cow was created by the Bush White House, with plenty of input from the insurance and airline lobbies, to prevent victims’ families’ lawsuits. The average family that received $1.25 million signed away their right to sue for negligence.

Countdown: Detroit bomber intel failure: ‘Conspiracy or cock up?’

link to video in original:
Countdown: Detroit bomber intel failure: ‘Conspiracy or cock up?’

By Diana Sweet
Tuesday, January 5th, 2010 -- 7:55 am

On Monday evening's edition of MSNBC's Countdown with host Keith Olbermann, guest Richard Wolffe discusses the nation's intelligence gathering associated with the Flight 253 'underpants bomber,' Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, and serious questions that have risen about whether or not there was foul play, information intentionally withheld, or a conspiracy involved.

Wolffe is a journalist, MSNBC political analyst, and author of the Barack Obama book Renegade: The Making of a President.

Attorney General Holder Notified of Scientific Evidence of 9/11 Treason: Commission concluded Al-Qaeda behind the WTC "bombings"

Although I have previously indicated that the Attorney General had received indication of the scientific proof of 9/11 treason, I thought it was time to produce a transcript of how the Attorney General slipped the question and tried to slip the evidence, including an account of the strange thumbs-up the Attorney General apparently gave me out the darkened window of his SUV as he left the scene. Here it is:


The S.H.A.W.L. House

San Pedro, California

July 16, 2009


Jeremy: Attorney General Holder, Jeremy Rothe-Kushel with WeAreChangeLA citizen’s media; It seems there’s like incredible work being done here at S.H.A.W.L. in terms of recovery and healing, in terms of violence against women. And it seems, in terms of the United States of America, one of the biggest things that’s not talked about in terms of violence against women is this ongoing alleged ‘War on Terror;’ that just this last week we have reports of drones killing numerous women and children on the other side of the planet, all based on a crime of incredible magnitude, September 11th, done against the American people. And I have evidence, scientific proof in my hands, that I would like for you to take into your possession, that shows that there’s a very advanced, unexploded, military-grade explosive residue found in the dust of the World Trade Center. And that would prove that someone else, other than Al-Qaeda, is likely involved in this. And so my question is: When are we as the people of the United States of America going to stop killing women and children on the other side of the planet in an alleged ‘War on Terror’ and when are you, as the chief law enforcement official in the land, going to open up a criminal investigation in terms of who put this in the towers and who ordered it?

Democracy is dead ... lobbyists rule America [the Happy Conspiracy]

not your ordinary 'conspiracy theorist'...
By Paul B. Farrell, MarketWatch
ARROYO GRANDE, Calif. (MarketWatch) -- Democracy dead? Lobbyists ruling America? Lobbyists the new "Unseen Hand" of capitalism? Sadly yes.

And here's why: Ask any neuroeconomist, behavioral-finance quant, investment psychologist or other practitioner of the mysterious "science of irrationality" and they'll tell you that Americans have two self-sabotaging mental biases that killed democracy from within: "Denial" and "Magical Thinking" make us easy targets. Our brains are being manipulated by clandestine forces beyond our control. We can't see them or resist.

Yet we refuse to believe in this new Orwellian America. We prefer the world of magic, myth and illusion.

Fax For Truth Special 11-Day Campaign, Day Ten: President Barack Obama (again)

Author's note: It was not planned to do Obama again. It was planned to fax members of Congress in the WACLA videos who have already received the paper demanding a statement, and we will still do that tomorrow. Due to the new initiative put forth by Charlie Sheen, which Fax For Truth wholeheartedly endorses, we are asking you to send a fax to President Obama again, this time demanding that he respond to Charlie Sheen's evidence and that he grant him an audience.


Today is a slight bump on an otherwise consistent path of supporting WACLA's and Luke Rudkowski's brilliant work of bringing the "Active Thermitic Material" paper to members of Congress. However, due to Charlie Sheen's unexpected but most welcome return to the world of 9/11 truth activism, we felt obligated to pitch in and support the effort to get him a meeting with Obama, or at the very least, a statement from Obama regarding Mr. Sheen's well-researched arguments. Please note that this is the first, but certainly not the last Fax For Truth campaign in support of Charlie Sheen's new initiative.

So today, the tenth day of our campaign, we have been inspired by Charlie Sheen's courageous new venture trying to get the ear of the President regarding the plethora of unanswered questions surrounding 9/11. Charlie Sheen and Alex Jones have thrown down the gauntlet, asking for our support, and this is how we here at Fax For Truth can help them. And so we shall. Please take two minutes to send Obama a short, yet clear message. Meet with Sheen or disprove his arguments. You can use the sample letter provided below or write your own. As always a polite, respectful tone is preferable and you can send a free fax over the internet by going to

White House fax number: 202-456-2461

Sample letter

Today’s date

Your name and address

The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500
Phone: 202-456-1414
Fax: 202-456-2461

Dear President Barack Obama,