Well, to play the pessimist

Reading the message board here I often feel optimistic about the Truth Movement. Back near this site's inception the flow of news was so much slower than it is now. I see optimism reflected in the comments of others on this site. I just want to make sure it's healthy I guess.

I originally intended this text as a response to a post in another blog. But it got too long so I decided to make a blog about it instead. I'll post the comment to bring context to the conversation (btw the blog was the Rosie O'Donnell one, didn't think many people would be reading it.)

nomoremrniceguy: It is the quiet before the storm so to speak. When following Arthur Schopenhauer's three steps (ridicule, violent opposition, self-evident) it seems anything less would mean we are headed in the wrong direction. Think of all the increased attention as of lately and we are only in the third month of 2007!