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Hello; My name is Tom Dishner. I am a private citizen in Dallas TX. I am not a government official or even a paid operative or contractor, however, I have been informed that I am considered a "CIA Asset" and an information analyst. I have a lifetime of experience with powerful persons claiming to have masterminded 911. I urge you to go to an article on this website (currently on page 3) by Dr. Clyde Wilson entitled Article on Lew Rockwell. Click on the comments section after the article and read my comments and dialogue with other members. Instructions are there on how to reach me. I think that youwill find it at least interesting. TD

Here's the article:

Another Physicist Speaks out on 9/11

I'm an aging physicist who had his eyes opened to the likelihood of 9/11 being an inside job 4 years and 36 days late. But "Better late than never!"
Being less than youthful, I haven't been much of a blogger, and that might not change with my joining 911 Still, to my surprise and delight I finally put together a real web site, which I emailed to my friends with the subject line: "Geezer Builds Own Website!" So here it is: