"...the north tower in danger of a near imminent collapse.""

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While huddling with others in the WTC7 lobby, EMS Division Chief John Peruggia offers the following:

"Some engineer type person, and several of us were huddled talking in the lobby and it was brought to my attention, it was believed that the structural damage that was suffered to the towers was quite significant and they were very confident that the buildingís stability was compromised and they felt that the north tower was in danger of a near imminent collapse."

Here is the reason given for why a runner was sent to the command post with this information:

"I work for the Chief of the Department, I donít have a fire ground radio, so I had no
direct communications with my boss at that time..."

Both of these accounts were before 9:59 am when the South Tower collapsed.

We need to find out who the "engineer type" fellow was.