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“One of that tiny and select company of the most brilliantly creative and provocative political-historical writers of the last half-century.”

James Galbraith, Richard Falk, Roger Morris, Daniel Ellsberg, James Schamus, Norman Rush, Mark Selden, Eric Wilson, Mary Baine Campbell, Tracy Ware, Ronna Kabatznick, Russ Baker, Askold Melnyczuk and Paul Almond

Peter Dale Scott: "The JFK Assassination: New York Times Acknowledges CIA Deceptions"

The New York Times, on October 17, published a page-one story by Scott Shane about the CIA’s defiance of a court order to release documents pertaining to the John F. Kennedy assassination, in its so-called Joannides file. George Joannides was the CIA case officer for a Cuban exile group that made headlines in 1963 by its public engagements with Lee Harvey Oswald, just a few weeks before Oswald allegedly killed Kennedy. For over six years a former Washington Post reporter, Jefferson Morley, has been suing the CIA for the release of these documents. [1]

Sometimes the way that a news item is reported can be more newsworthy than the item itself. A notorious example was the 1971 publication of the Pentagon Papers (documents far too detailed for most people to read) on the front page of the New York Times.

The October 17 Times story was another such example. It revealed, perhaps for the first time in any major U.S. newspaper, that the CIA has been deceiving the public about its own relationship to the JFK assassination.

Dr. Peter Dale Scott Endorses NYCCAN

I am writing to endorse the initiative. It is shocking that one of the greatest mass murders in the history of the United States has not yet received an adequate investigation. The limitations and shortcomings of the 9/11 Commission have now been widely recognized, and even its two chairmen have acknowledged that the commission was "set up to fail." Meanwhile this country continues to live under major legal and even constitutional changes flowing from an event which we still do not not adequately understand. It is not too much to say that the future of America as an open society will depend in large part on whether it can find the political will to determine what happened on that fateful day.

Peter Dale Scott

Interview with Peter Dale Scott Transcript (part two)

The second half of the transcript of the Diet Soap interview of Peter Dale Scott is up at the the Examiner. Peter discusses COG, the anthrax attacks, and the purpose behind the use of torture. The entire interview of Peter Dale Scott can be heard at the Diet Soap podcast.

Partial Peter Dale Scott Interview Transcript

A partial transcript of the Diet Soap interview of Peter Dale Scott is up at the the Examiner. Peter discusses why the question of why there was a failure to intercept the hijacked planes is very important and how the 911 Report failed to investigate the rule change that led to the intercept failure. The entire interview of Peter Dale Scott can be heard at the Diet Soap podcast.

Oil and Islam. Will America Shift Away from Its Past Unilateralist Policies?

by Peter Dale Scott

In his remarkable speech at Cairo University on June 4, President Obama promised “a new beginning.” In the words of the Israeli commentator Uri Avnery, the speech offered “the map of a new world, a different world, whose values and laws he spelled out in simple and clear language -- a mixture of idealism and practical politics, vision and pragmatism.”

Much of what Obama had to say was new, and warmed the hearts of observers like myself, who had become increasingly concerned about the new president’s fidelity to the financial and military policies of the previous Bush-Cheney administration. But while Obama broke new ground on Israel-Palestine issues, he glossed over troubling issues pertaining to the US presence in Iraq and Afghanistan. He also glossed over one of the fundamental issues alienating the Muslim world: America’s relentless efforts to preserve its threatened financial status by moves to dominate the region’s oil resources. Here his careful ambiguity was ominously reminiscent of the Bush era.


Peter Dale Scott on Diet Soap Part Two

This week's Diet Soap podcast features the second part of a conversation with Peter Dale Scott about his book "The Road to 9/11." Peter also discusses his views on the pros and cons of Noam Chomsky, his admiration and impatience with anarchism and other revolutionary strategies for social change, and the necessary difficulties involved with attempts to understand deep politics. Phil Och's song "Love Me I'm Liberal" along with a factoid on the Titanic are also featured.

Diet Soap Podcast with Peter Dale Scott

This week's Diet Soap podcast features an interview with author and scholar Peter Dale Scott about his book “The Road to 9/11″ this week. Peter is well known for investigating what he calls “deep politics.” His website is Also in this episode are the voices of KMO of the C-Realm podcast (reading from CS Lewis’ “Through the Looking Glass”), Michael Parenti, Noam Chomsky, and the members of the SWP.

Peter Dale Scott - an older talk, and newer reflections.

Since 2002, (when the above talk was filmed), Peter Dale Scott has broadened his interpretation of the events of 9/11 significantly, incorporating his views on Deep Politics and the assassination of JFK into his analysis. In his 2006 talk, JFK and 9/11: Insights Gained from Studying Both, he drew several direct parallels between the two events.

To All Readers: Help Force Congress To Observe the Law on National Emergencies!


March 24, 2009
Peter Dale Scott and Dan Hamburg

On 9/11 the Bush administration declared a State of Emergency (SOE), which was formally proclaimed on September 14, 2001, and extended by Bush repeatedly thereafter, most recently on August 28, 2008.(1) Under cover of this SOE, Bush secretly enacted many extreme measures, ranging from suspension of habeas corpus to preparations for martial law in America; all these were undertaken as part of secret so-called "Continuity of Government" (COG) procedures associated with the SOE, and first instituted on 9/11.(2)(3)

The National Emergencies Act, one of the post-Watergate reforms so detested by Vice-President Cheney, requires specifically that

Conspiratorial Organizations as standard MO for the Deep State

From Amazon

Government of the Shadows: Parapolitics and Criminal Sovereignty (Hardcover)

Book Description
Government of the Shadows analyses the concept of clandestine government. It explores how covert political activity and transnational organised crime are linked -- and how they ultimately work to the advantage of state and corporate power. The book shows that legitimate government is now routinely accompanied by extra-governmental covert operations. Using a variety of case studies, from the mafia in Italy to programmes for food and reconstruction in Iraq, the contributors illustrate that para-political structures are not 'deviant', but central to the operation of global governments. The creation of this truly parallel world-economy, the source of huge political and economic potential, entices states to undertake new forms of regulation, either through their own intelligence agencies, or through the more shadowy world of criminal cartels.

(emphasis mine)

Table of Contents:



Via Maria Gilardin's TUC Radio;

The disparity of income and wealth in this country was increased by the first round of bank bail-outs. On Jan. 27, 2009, in front of an audience of Republicans, Scott explained in great detail the necessity to construct future bail-outs to diminish that gap for the sake of democracy. This is a lucid analysis and a well researched guideline for all who want to influence future financial policies.

This is also the only recording of a very unusual event. The San Francisco Republican Round Table crossed party lines and invited Peter Dale Scott. Scott is a former Canadian diplomat and professor of Literature at the University of California, Berkeley. His latest books are: The Road to 9/11: Wealth, Empire, and the Future of America, published in 2007 by the University of California Press, and The War Conspiracy: JFK, 9/11, and the Deep Politics of War, published in 2008 by the Mary Ferrell Foundation Press. His website is

The Republic Round Table meets in a SF hotel. About 60 members, some with recognizable names, came to hear him. The only media in attendance were TUC Radio and, as guest, the former Ramparts editor Warren Hinkle accompanied by his basset hound.

For a broadcast quality 29 minute self contained mp3 version click HERE
For a transcript click HERE

911's Canadian Crusaders


"As an international movement questioning the official story of 9/11 continues to grow, these Canadians are at the forefront." By R.D. Loyd

The subject of what really happened on 9/11 remains taboo in the mainstream media, particularly in the United States. 9/11 is too tragic an event; it is too close to home, an agonizing wound that still, literally, lies exposed in the center of lower Manhattan.

To question the Bush administration’s explanation of 9/11 in America, regardless of any glaring anomalies in the official story, is tantamount to heresy or treason in the established media arenas. For a long time now, anyone who publicly questions the official 9/11 investigation is more than likely labeled a conspiracy theorist, a lunatic, and a nut case. Yet slowly, over time, we are beginning to hear the voices of a few journalists on the American airwaves asking questions about the events of September 11, 2001.

Response to Peter Dale Scott: Alec Station Must Have Known

Over the last few months, former diplomat and author Peter Dale Scott has published a series of articles about one of the 9/11 hijackers, Khalid Almihdhar, and the parallels between his handling by Alec Station, the CIA's bin Laden unit, and events in the 1960s, such as an apparent CIA operation involving Lee Oswald, John Kennedy’s alleged assassin. They are Deep Events and the CIA's Global Drug Connection, The JFK Assassination and 9/11: the Designated Suspects in Both Cases and The Assassinations of the 1960s as “Deep Events”.