Army Intel ACORNing WikiLeaks? Web Publisher Under Attack

Michael Collins

U.S. Army Counterterrorism issued a report that said WikiLeaks is a threat to U.S. security, particularly in Afghanistan. The report says that the organization should be destroyed and offered a plan. Does the government really think it can destroy WikiLeaks or is the leaked report part of a plan to smear the organization so badly, it will lose supporters and money?



The Money Party at Work

We keep doing the same things over and over again and expect different results.

Michael Collins

General Petraeus to Head U.S. Central Command

Source: Reuters

Apr. 23 - With the resignation last month of Admiral William Fallon, President Bush is now free to replace him with someone more open to military engagement with Iran.

As CENTCOM is the headquarters for all operations in the Middle East, having it headed by someone who is hawkish towards Iran is of the utmost importance to the neocon warmongers who want nothing more than to attack Iran before leaving office next January.

Pat Buchanan: Petraeus points to war with Iran

"Is it fair to say that the Iranian-backed special groups in Iraq are responsible for the murder of hundreds of American soldiers and thousands of Iraqi soldiers and civilians?"
"It certainly is. ... That is correct," said Petraeus.
The following day, Petraeus told the House Armed Services Committee, "Unchecked, the 'special groups' pose the greatest long-term threat to the viability of a democratic Iraq."
Translation: The United States is now fighting the proxies of Iran for the future of Iraq. The general's testimony is forcing Bush's hand, for consider the question it logically raises.

Also see:

It appears as though Paul Craig Roberts' prediction came true, though it has not been as widely trumpeted in the media as predicted.

Will we expose the truth about 9/11 and end the 9/11 wars before the next one breaks out?

CSPAN's "Washington Journal" is good resource for coming Week of Truth and beyond-- a call on asking Petraeus about false-flags

Yesterday morning on the Washington Journal, CSPAN’s morning show, host Greta Wodele was asking callers what they would ask General Petraeus if they had the chance. So, I called up and said I would ask him about why we haven’t heard anything about false-flag terror operations in the Middle East and how peace is possible in the continuing presence of these covert operations. Although I had stayed up all night, and was tired, I think I got a bit of the idea across.
Here’s where you can watch it :

Play “Washington Journal Entire Program (04/08/08)” and go to around 2:11:00 to hear my call. Interestingly, this corresponds to 9:11 EST, as you’ll see on the video. Weird, how that was my minute.