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Rigorous Intuition: Why are "insiders" not to be trusted, until they tell us what we want to hear?

Rigorous Intuition (Jeff Wells) has posted some thoughts on government work to disclose UFOs, and in that post he discusses the raft of so-called White House insiders who have come out in support of 9/11 Truth, only to become brazenly suspect in their claims:

Jeffery St. Clair licks his wounds

I came across this interview of Jeffery St. Clair this morning and found it enlightening. What struck me most was how specious his argument was regarding the American left. I wasn't surprised that he dismissed the notion of US complicity in the attacks of September 11th, but was a little bewildered by the repetition of the Counterpunch talking points on the subject. He very clearly put forward the notion that interest in theories about 9/11 are not merely a symptom of the left's deep mistrust of the current administration, but are in fact a causative factor behind the left's inability to organize an effective resistance to the current administration. He states unequivocally that this focus on the cause of 9/11 has stopped people from organizing, distracted people from their opposition to the occupation of Iraq, and essentially reflects a retreat.

But he offers nothing in the way of evidence for this assertion, not even anecdotal evidence.