pilots for truth members

Pilots For Truth Welcomes 5 New Members!

It is our honor and pleasure to introduce 5 new members joining our team....

Experience/Credentials as follows.

Christina Merrick
12,000+ TT ATP
A&P, CFIAIM, FE Turbojet
B-727, DC-9, SNJ-5, (T-6)
Navion and Bellanca Viking Current
Advanced Instructing
Consultant for AOPA Legal Attorneys
Eastern Airlines, ValuJet
Fellow Pilot and Friend of Captain Candi Chamberlain Kubeck
ValuJet flight 592, brought down in the Everglades May 1996

Dave Kisor
Former Aviation Electrician
USN / USNR Worked on A-4E/F, TA-4F/J
& A-7B/E ashore and afloat (CV-19, CV-43)
P-3B & C-9B. Back seat TA-4F/J & A-4F NWL
Flight & hangar deck fire fighting qualified
Jumped from UH-1N
BA & MA in Geography
Presently employed US Forest Service
Technician at the Riverside CA Fire Laboratory

Slawomir M. Kozak
Air Traffic Controller
Warsaw International Airport Tower Control Supervisor
On Job Training Unit Chief
Former President of Polish Air Traffic Controllers Association
Former member of Polish Airports State Enterprise Employee’s Council
Member of National Aviation Council
Member of International Aviation English Association
Journalist of aviation magazines

Pilots For Truth Welcomes Captain Russ Wittenberg

I spoke with Capt Wittenberg the other night on the phone. We had a wonderful conversation and he wants to be part of our group.

Sofia (Producer, 9/11 Mysteries) has been trying to get us out to the AZ conference for the past few weeks making contact with Kent. However, Kent has been overwhelmed with working on the conference and removing the possible controversy surrounding the event. We look forward to attending, but still waiting to hear and work out the details. If we do attend, Russ will be there with me to represent our organization and speaking about issues regarding 9/11.

Capt Wittenberg qualifications and experience are as follows....
Captain Russ Wittenberg (ret)
30,000+ Total Flight Time
707, 727, 737, 747, 757, 767, 777
Pan Am, United
United States Air Force (ret)
Over 100 Combat Missions Flown
Has time in:
- N591UA (Aircraft dispatched as United 93)
- N612UA (Aircraft dispatched as United 175)


Welcome Russ! Its great to have you on the team!