Two Podcasts on 9/11

This week Doug Lain from the Diet Soap podcast and KMO of the C-realm podcast discuss 9/11 conspiracies on both their respective shows. There is a special emphasis on the pervasive resistance to critically engage with the subject, and an analysis of how leading alternative thinkers and dissidents seem unable to think critically on the subject. The C-Realm podcast is here and the Diet Soap podcast is here.

911 Media Recap

Dem Bruce Lee Styles has been busy converting and uploading videos for our use. These are all available at Google Video and 911podcasts, however, DBLS is asking you to view and promote the ones on Google Video first so that they move up in the rankings. Here they are:

Behind Every Terrorist, There is a Bush
Google Video
| 911Podcasts

San Francisco International Inquiry into 9-11
Google Video | 911Podcasts

David Ray Griffin at Congressional Black Caucus
Google Video | 911podcasts

For more information on each of these videos as well as their corresponding hyperlinks, you can also visit DBLS's blog entry here.

Several new entries have been added to the Visibility 911 Podcasts available here:


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I'd like to direct everyone's attention specifically to the August 14 episode which featured an interview with Ed Haas and discussed the pending 9/11 debate as well as the members of the 9/11 Truth debate team. Considering recent events in the 9/11 Truth Movement, is anyone concerned about certain members on the team?

Finally, new entries have been added to the Synchronicity 911 Podcasts available here:


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