Political Music Video

911/Related Songs

Here are some hand-picked 911/related music videos and MP3s, the better part of which are from the ‘freechannel.org’ page. I hope everyone’s YouTube hits goes up with this one!

Music, as well as comedy and drama, have the distinction over basic news and information that it has now been digested by humans, and it is being spit back out. It's got the human dimension.

Speaking as a middle-aged lover of various music over my years, below I’ve selected around 30 of what I would call good songs, some with videos, and which are 'revolutionary'. There’s always more on the ‘net to scour, I’m sure.


- Mark

911 Music Videos

“911’s a Lie”

(the Free Bees)

3 min 24 sec: Disco! And for just a moment in there, it
sounds like “the Wall”.

Yet Another "9/11 Was An Inside Job" Song

(Scootle Royale)

4 min 51 sec: Pop-rock. Lots of lyrics.

The Divide ~ 911 Music Video

Music Video by VOICE & FluxRostrum
Click Image to Download the VIDEO 19 mgs 5 minutes
Here's a Big Phat Version 69 mg ~ A Torrent Here's a Crappy Bandwidth Challenged Version 3 mgs .rm
This video is also available on Google, YouTube, MySpace, Veoh

Music by VOICE L Burner Records

The true culprits of September 11th 2001 must be publicly punished to the fullest extent of the law if we are to ever be free again.