Poll: Do you think the thirty or so calls made from the planes on 9/11 are real or faked?

It is suggested in the film, Loose Change, that phone calls from airplanes are impossible and therefore that the phone calls made on 9/11 from the airplanes must have been somehow faked. Since then the research by K. Dewdney arguing against the possiblity of cell phone calls has been called into question. Also, it should be noted that Loose Change/Dewdney did not address the possibility of airphone calls, which make up the majority of the calls made on 9/11.

After studying the records of the calls in detail, I have come to the conclusion that the phone calls are indeed real. I have found that they do NOT support the official story of 19 knife-wielding Arabs, but in fact are our best evidence of what really happened on the planes.

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New Poll Asks 9/11 Inside Job Question

This was posted by Chris to another thread at 9/11 Blogger.

I was taking a poll today that I received in my e-mail. They have sent me polls in the past and they are always very vanilla. I was shocked to see this question show up on todays poll:

U.S. government officials either planned the attacks of September 11, 2001 or did nothing to stop them because they wanted the United States to go to war in the Middle East.

Agree Strongly, Agree, Neither Agree nor Disagree, Disagree, Disagree Strongly, Don’t Know

Needless to say, I tend to forget how much of an impact people like us have been having. I NEVER would have thought PollingPoint would include a question like that. We MUST be having an impact.

Only 16% Think Government Telling the Truth about 9/11

According to a new New York Times/CBS News poll, only 16% of Americans think the government is telling the truth about 9/11:

"Do you think members of the Bush Administration are telling the truth, are mostly telling the truth but hiding something, or are they mostly lying?

Telling the truth 16%

Hiding something 53%

Mostly lying 28%

Not sure 3%"

The 16% are probably a waste of energy: if they still believe the official story, then they are unlikely to change their minds based on facts. (If you have the patience to never give up, then more power to you).

The 28% who say "mostly lying" are probably already 9/11 truthers. They may, however, simply believe that the government LET 9/11 happen on purpose, without understanding that 9/11 could not have succeeded unless elements within the government had actively ASSISTED in the attacks. So you might want to discuss some of the facts regarding the war games and the Mineta testimony, for example.

The 3% who are not sure are certainly worth reaching out to.

One in 5 Canadians sees 9/11 as U.S. plot: poll


OTTAWA (Reuters) - One in five Canadians believes the attacks on the United States on September 11, 2001, had nothing to do with Osama Bin Laden and were actually a plot by influential Americans, according to a poll released on Monday.

The Ipsos-Reid poll found that 22 percent of Canadians, and 26 percent of young Canadians, agree with the conspiracy theory. The number was the highest, at 32 percent, in Quebec, which has shown the least support for the U.S. war on terror.

The poll asked if the events of September 11, "including the thousands of American citizens who lost their lives on that day, were actually orchestrated by a group of highly influential Americans and others as part of a wider global conspiracy to profit from and gain power and who are actually protecting Osama Bin Laden from being captured."

"Conspiracy theories are popular, as we all know," said Ipsos pollster Paul Orovan.

Sixty-six percent said the actions were carried out by Bin Laden's disciples as an attack on the United States and as part of a global war of terror against Western and affluent democracies.

Twelve percent said neither or refused to answer.

Poll: More Americans Blame Bush for 9/11

Poll: More Americans Blame Bush for 9/11

POSTED: 8:26 a.m. EDT, September 11, 2006

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- The percentage of Americans who blame the Bush administration for the September 11, 2001, attacks on New York and Washington has risen from almost a third to almost half over the past four years, a CNN poll released Monday found.

Asked whether they blame the Bush administration for the attacks, 45 percent said either a "great deal" or a "moderate amount," up from 32 percent in a June 2002 CNN/USA Today/Gallup poll.

But the Clinton administration did not get off lightly either. The latest poll, conducted by Opinion Research Corporation for CNN, found that 41 percent of respondents blamed his administration a "great deal" or a "moderate amount" for the attacks.

That's only slightly less than the 45 percent who blamed his administration in a poll carried out less than a week after the attacks.

Still, most Americans appear to be fatalistic, with more than half -- 57 percent -- saying they think that terrorists will "always find a way to launch attacks no matter what the U.S. government does."