Tally of Amazon Opinions on 9/11 Being an Inside Job

Hi everyone. There is a hot thread on the Amazon Politcs forum: The OP poster is tallying names on the OP in two colums: OCT believers and alternative theory supporters. So far we are ahead by three, but let's get more of an edge! Here is the OP as it stands thus far, and she intends to close the thread March 1.


LAST EDITED TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 26, 2008. 33 to 26. Leap Year ~ 3 more days until the final verdict can be posted.

It should be evident by this 'unofficial poll' that there are a whole lot of people who question the official government's story -OGS- (soon to be called OGMyth) fraught with too many inconsistencies, plus the unwarranted destruction of our precious Constitution, plus the Patriot Acts, Surveillance, Gulag Camps, Middle East wars, etc. There needs to be more transparency by our Leaders. And an end to aggression for grabbing the lion's share of the oil which is theirs, to sell to whomever they want.