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Portland 9/11 Truth Alliance hosts white-separatist racist. Why?

[NOTE: Public access to the post below ( http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2009/06/391879.shtml ) was
'disappeared' from Portland Indymedia without having any public viewing. Until June 9, 2009, the only
record of it there had been as a "duplicate" listing in Portland IndyMedia's "compost pile" page
(where undesirable posts end up as either inaccessible 'duplicate' or still-accessible 'compost'
listings, both with associated post numbers, which is how I managed to piece together the above link).
All 'duplicate' listings remain unlinked to their respective posts, even when the posts are
not displayed elsewhere on the site and so are impossible to have 'duplicates' of. Such posts are
rendered unreadable, and such was my poor post's fate. But as of today, even that tiny bit of evidence
was ‘disappeared,’ even though the above link to the post still functions (but for how much longer?).

Such 'disappearances' seem to happen regularly at Portland IndyMedia, as well as at other IndyMedias
around the country. So much for truly 'independent' media, especially regarding such vital subjects as the