Possible New Message From Osama Bin Laden

With the recent reports from Chertoff, GOP Congressmen, etc. it seems all the pieces are in place, enter the boogeyman.

ABC: The Blotter

July 14, 2007 3:37 PM
Rhonda Schwartz and Hoda Osman Report:

A brief clip of an older-looking Osama bin Laden is contained in a new al Qaeda videotape praising al Qaeda martyrs posted on jihadi Web sites early this morning.

Experts who study al Qaeda videos told ABC News they had not previously seen the clip of bin Laden, which was released with little fanfare and contains no date references, but say it is most likely an unreleased portion of an earlier message.

The al Qaeda leader speaks of martyrdom for roughly one minute as he addresses an unseen group in a mountainous location, wearing fatigues, a watch and ring, and with extensive gray in his beard.

The clip is part of a 40-minute film "Scent of Heaven" from al Qaeda's as Sahab video propaganda arm discovered on the Internet by Laura Mansfield of Strategic Translations.