On Grammar, Presentation, Proofreading

...please, everyone, work on your grammar. Surely you've noticed that source-notions are appearing everywhere. The same sort of standard should be applied to all posts, be they notes or essays, comments or commentary. The best thing we can do for the movement is make it appear legitimate in all spheres, "blogging" or not, and the first step, always, is proofreading.

Columbus Truth Hosts Dr. James Fetzer

I know how many of you feel about Fetzer. I understand. Please don't send hate mail, we've seen enough.

I decided to post these videos for anyone who may want to see what he has been saying as of recently.

Posting these videos does NOT mean that we agree with everything he says. This is not an endorsement.

Part 1

Part 2

911 Media Roundup

Project Censored: Complicity in 9/11: A presentation given at Santa Rosa Junior College on September 11, 2006 by Peter Phillips and Project Censored available here:

An unexpected reference to insider trading and other suspicious stock market activities prior to 9/11 featured in a Saturday Night Live skit:
(digg it)

9/11 First Responders on the Guns And Butter show on September 20 available here:

One Nation Under Seige: The guys who made the 9/11 Truth documentary "9/11 In Plane Site" have created this compilation of interviews exposing the New World Order and the tactics they employ to further their agenda:

Whistleblower Dentist found dead:

Alex Jones interviews Former CIA Analyst and author of Stop Belittling the Theories About September 11 Bill Christison:

Talking About a Revolution by Dem Bruce Lee Styles now available for download here:

Thanks to Yarrow for sending in the Project Censored videos, cloakandswagger for the SNL skit, Gold for the Whistleblower video, and DBLS for the Alex Jones Interview.