president pelosi

Nancy Pelosi could be President tomorrow.

Rumsfeld resigns... If Bush and Cheney resign, Nancy Pelosi will become president.

the mood swang

Now ANYTHING is possible. (I have a hot flash ;-)

Remember that it will take only a SMALL POKE into the dung-heap of 911, and it will stink so bad, that people WILL START RUNNING.

Our big worry is that the THEOCRATS who do not care for REASON will, according to their master plan, continue with the destruction of our planet and the dismantling of our system.. TO HASTEN THE ADVENT OF JUDGEMENT DAY.

We have to fight for the original ideals of this nation, ENLIGHTENMENT, because we live in a reason-based universe ... or we will all be serfs.

This is no joke! The USA is full of evangelicals! And many have been placed into power. Remember Boykin who showed slides of Mogadishu and pointing to black clouds and calling them THE EVIL?
On You can find a link to CRSIPIN MILLER talk (mp3 download) that you will HAVE TO HEAR. It is a very very good talk.