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Barack Obama's sense of Humor

Obama roasts John McCain at Charity Dinner, some two weeks before the election. Very funny.
Obama is a truly talented comedian, and John McCain has a hard time concealing that he enjoys it. Wonderful to see.

Question: Can this sense of humor and timing be useful as President? Let us hope so.

Obama Claims Nomination & Hillary Concedes --- Hear These Uncut Historical Speeches on No Lies Radio

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Pro-Truth Presidential Candidate Steve Kubby on 9/11 and Empire Radio Tonight

Steve Kubby, Libertarian candidate for president in 2008, will join me tonight from 9 to 11 pm CT on 9/11 and Empire radio,

Steve is my second radio guest who's a pro-9/11-truth Libertarian presidential hopeful -- the first was Ed Thompson (Tommy's brother) on July 30th. Let's see if Steve Kubby can top Ed Thompson's passionate call for 9/11 truth!

Steve's website is:

Call-in number 512-646-1984 or 888-202-1984

Ed Thompson Announces He Is Considering Running for President as Pro-9/11 Truth Candidate

Tomah, WI
Monday 7/30/07

Ed Thompson, the most successful Wisconsin third party candidate since Fighting Bob LaFollette and the Progressives, says he may run for president as a pro-9/11-truth candidate in 2008.

Thompson discussed his potential run today on the Dynamic Duo radio show, If neither his brother Tommy Thompson nor fellow truth-seeker Ron Paul get the Republican nomination, Thompson said, "somebody will have to do it."

Informed that Ron Paul had spoken out for a new 9/11 investigation, while cautioning that a change of administrations wouldn't solve the 9/11 problem overnight, Thompson said "Why not? Why wait for an investigation?" He insisted that a new, truly independent investigation staffed by 9/11 truth-seekers--"people like you, Kevin"-- should happen ASAP.

Thompson passionately expressed his sense that the nation is in dire straits, that the war must end and the truth must out, and that the major parties are incapable of facing the crisis. "The people are afraid of you, Kevin--they're afraid you may be right (about 9/11)," Thompson said, adding that he had watched several 9/11 truth videos and found them extremely disturbing.



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