A Proposal for Taking Truth to Them Tuesdays with 9-11 Justice Squads

This is a response to Lucus, David Slesinger and others call to hone our strategy and points of pressure, so that we can win.

I have a powerful feeling that the ideas which have been presented here represent the potential trimtab for the 9-11 Justice movement. Buckminster's Fuller's use of the concept of the trimtab needed to help turn the rudder on a masive ship, such as Earth, is related to the ideas of accupressure/puncture. Find the spots with the most bang for the buck.

Don't Let Them Make You Think You Can't Win.

It's time to take a minute and infuse this thought into the movement.

"We can, and we will, win."

It seems more and more that people have been focusing on the negatives within the 9/11 truth movement. It's important that we deal with disinfo, and I think we have done admirably. Take a look around. Disinfo doesn't work on 9/11 Truth - truth is like kryptonite to all the lies, as we watch the shills clinging to non-logical arguments while the logical people in the movement (whom thankfully there seem to be more of) simply stick to the best evidence, holding their ground while others continue to try and shift focus.

Take a minute to appreciate just how big this is. 9/11 Truth has been exposed to the whole world. The whole entire world. People on a grassroots level are fed up to the point of no return, and it seems humanity might finally have a dog in this fight. One of the first steps to victory is "know your enemy" - what movement in history has ever achieved this on the scale of 9/11 truth? Not a single one. Even the civil rights movement didn't fully address just what their enemy was.