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9/11: 'the new Pearl Harbor' By William R. Woodward - OpEd in SeacoastOnline

9/11: 'the new Pearl Harbor' By William R. Woodward - December 07, 2008 6:00 AM

Editor's note: The author is a UNH professor who sparked a controversy in September 2006 when he was quoted in a newspaper story as saying "government elites orchestrated 9/11" while summarizing literature on the subject. The university defended his academic freedom and he chose to let the firestorm subside. Now, he breaks the silence with his first opinion piece on the topic.

By William R. Woodward

On Dec. 7, 1941, our country was attacked by Japan. What do our children know of the economic and political reasons for this tragic event?

William Woodward, Peter Thottam, and Rob Balsamo on 9/11 and Empire Tonight, Tues. 3/4/08 8-10 pm Central

During the first hour Professor William Woodward of the University of New Hampshire will join me to discuss psychology and 9/11 truth. He is honing a scholarly article on 9/11 using "SSK, the sociology of scientific knowledge and the history of science, especially German and British, where a lot of new models are in the air" (from his email to me today). In the second half of the first hour, we will (hopefully) hear from Brian, Nick, and/or Anthony of to discuss the psychology of their truth squadding, most recently of Mitt Romney . Still waiting for final confirmation on this.

The second hour will lead off with another truth-squadding hero, Peter Thottam of LA 9/11 Truth who helped organize the Bill Maher intervention last fall. Peter and I will discuss the 9/11 truth protest at the Academy Awards , the hoopla surrounding Academy Awards winner Marion Cotillard's 9/11 views and related Hollywood-meets-9/11-truth issues, among other things.

UNH Trustees Defend Prof. William Woodward.

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UNH trustees refuse group's demands to review prof's teaching

University of New Hampshire trustees defended professor William Woodward in response to a national organization's call for an intensive review of his teaching, including his controversial theory about the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

In a letter to the American Council of Trustees and Alumni, UNH Board of Trustees chairman Andy Lietz said a "careful review" of Woodward found his teaching consistent with accepted standards, "even though he has expressed some ideas that many find objectionable."


N.H. Union Leader continues Woodward coverage

(Gov.) Lynch calls teacher's theories crazy as UNH stands behind 9/11 prof

Union Leader Staff
Tuesday, Aug. 29, 2006

University of New Hampshire administrators are standing behind a tenured professor who has publicly theorized that the U.S. government orchestrated the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, even as Gov. John Lynch condemned his remarks.

Calling psychology professor William Woodward's theory "completely crazy and offensive," the governor said in a statement yesterday that he plans to address his concerns with the University System of New Hampshire Board of Trustees...

For Governor Lynchs website, click here.

For his official contact email, click here.

Chronicle of Higher Education covers Prof. Woodward

Another Scholar Under Fire for 9/11 Views

The University of New Hampshire is refusing to fire a tenured professor whose views on 9/11 have led many politicians in the state to demand his dismissal.

William Woodward, a professor of psychology, is among those academics who believe that U.S. leaders have lied about what they know about 9/11, and were involved in a conspiracy that led to the massive deaths on that day, setting the stage for the war with Iraq. The Union Leader, a New Hampshire newspaper, reported on Woodward’s views on Sunday, and quoted him (accurately, he says) saying that he includes his views in some class sessions.

The newspaper then interviewed a who’s who of New Hampshire Republican politicians calling for the university to fire Woodward. U.S. Sen. Judd Gregg is quoted as saying that “there are limitations to academic freedom and freedom of speech” and that “it is inappropriate for someone at a public university which is supported with taxpayer dollars to take positions that are generally an affront to the sensibility of most all Americans.”

State legislators chimed in, demanding Woodward’s dismissal and threatening to consider the issue when they next review the university’s budget. In some respects, the political reactions mirror those in Wisconsin, where lawmakers lined up to urge the University of Wisconsin at Madison to fire Kevin Barrett, who shared Woodward’s views and is an adjunct teaching in the fall semester. The university is letting Barrett’s course go ahead, although as a non-tenured adjunct, he has no assurance of work after this semester.

Prof. William Woodward on Alex Jones today 1pm Central

29 August 2006

Interview: William Woodward will be the guest
of Alex Jones on "The Alex Jones Show". He is
expected on the air with Alex at 1 PM/CT.

Live stream link.

Woodward's story;

Tuesday, Aug. 29, 2006
Another Scholar Under Fire for 9/11 Views

Monday, Aug. 28, 2006
UNH prof provokes 9/11 firestorm