Glenn Beck's not the only one - Prepare for an onslaught

The pathology that is the 9/11 "truth" movement

Following the terrorist murder of a security guard at the Holocaust Museum in Washington D.C. this week by a white supremacist, anti-Semite and 9/11 "Truther" I was curious to hear how the most prominent of the 9/11 "Truthers," Alex Jones, would try to explain it away. It turns out I shouldn't have wasted my time. The explanation he gave to Coast-to-Coast AM host George Noory was absolutely predictable, defiant of reason and exasperating, in complete harmony with both Jones past pronouncements and the 9/11 "Truth" movement since its inception.

Air America brings in Richard Ben-Veniste to push back against 9/11 Truth

Some time ago I signed up for Air America (I can't remember why now) and I receive their email spam called THE WIRE which I generally glance at briefly before putting in my hacks/shills folder.

This is what was at the top of the email for today, Thursday, June 11th:

Richard Ben-Veniste Addresses The 9-11 Truth Movement (VIDEO)

He was part of the commission charged with finding out the truth about 9-11. So what does Richard Ben-Veniste think about accusations that 9-11 was an inside job? Also, what's his take on Dick Cheney's latest media blitz?

(I hope I get the embed right!)

27,000 work in Pentagon PR and recruiting

Forget the drone stuff. Here is your eye-popping statistic of the day: "This year, the Pentagon will employ 27,000 people just for recruitment, advertising and public relations — almost as many as the total 30,000-person work force in the State Department."

That's from an Associated Press investigation, "which found that over the past five years, the money the military spends on winning hearts and minds at home and abroad has grown by 63 percent, to at least $4.7 billion this year."

Staff costs take up most of the money, more than $2 billion. Another $1.6 billion goes into recruiting. About a half-billion goes towards "psychological operations, which targets foreign audiences." And, finally, "$547 million goes into public affairs, which reaches American audiences."

That last one may be the most amazing figure of 'em all. Because getting a straightforward answer out of most military public affairs shops is still a root-canal-painful procedure. You'd think it'd be easier, with all those resources brought to bear.

Propaganda Rue: France's "Rue 89" Kisses Neocon Ass

From "altheos";

A famous French news website, Rue 89, has produced a so-called
investigation of 911, with the help of the first school of journalism in
France, the CFJ.

Under the direction of Guillaume Dasquié, a well-known journalist
specialized in intelligence affairs and a debunker of 911 alternative
theories , more than thirty young students have "worked" during
four days only to put on line a definitive answer to the "conspiracy

PBS "NOVA: Inside The Spy Factory" comment forum is now open!

(You can watch the documentary here: )

In case anyone didn't already know, PBS broadcast a very slick and almost unbelievable hour long attempt to reinforce the "incompetence theory" of 9/11.

Comments are now open and registration is pretty straightforward.

Kyle Hence has made a good start, let's give him plenty of support!

Go to:

I think we should also demand an hour to correct the record, email the ombudsman at PBS, Michael Getler, at:

or call him at:


Be civil, have your facts in order and keep it short and to the point.

Let's let PBS know that we are watching, brothers and sisters, and that we don't buy the BIG LIE.


The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Ex-Gitmo detainee joins al-Qaida in Yemen

Propaganda story attempts to justify Gitmo, torture

Report: Ex-Gitmo detainee joins al-Qaida in Yemen

By MAGGIE MICHAEL, Associated Press Writer Maggie Michael, Associated Press Writer – Fri Jan 23, 10:56 am ET

CAIRO, Egypt – A Saudi man released from Guantanamo after spending nearly six years inside the U.S. prison camp is now the No. 2 of Yemen's al-Qaida branch, according to a purported Internet statement from the terror network.

The announcement, made this week on a Web site commonly used by militants, came as President Barack Obama ordered the detention facility closed within a year. Many of the remaining detainees are from Yemen, which has long posed a vexing terrorism problem for the U.S.

The terror group's Yemen branch — known as "al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula" — said the man, identified as Said Ali al-Shihri, returned to his home in Saudi Arabia after his release from Guantanamo about a year ago and from there went to Yemen, which is Osama bin Laden's ancestral home.

The Internet statement, which could not immediately be verified, said al-Shihri was the group's second-in-command in Yemen, and his prisoner number at Guantanamo was 372.

Downvote Bots Fight Propaganda War

Government propagandists, their hired private contractors and useful idiots are creating "downvote bots" or scripts to bury stories which question the government.

Anyone who has posted news items questioning the government's version of 9/11, the government's unquestioning support for Israel, or a host of other topics has probably noticed that all of their recent stories get downvoted virtually simultaneously, which defies the laws of probability.

One free, simple scripting program to create automatic downvotes of certain topics or news posters is called "Greasemonkey", which is commonly used on large social news sites such as Reddit.

How to Deal with Government Propaganda on the Web

How should we deal with the onslaught of American and Israeli government-sponsored bloggers defending those governments' actions (see this and this)?

Well, one way is to ask bloggers who appear to be parroting pro-goverment propaganda without any thought the following question:

Has the American, Israeli and/or any other government directly or indirectly instructed or requested that you write supporting any of their actions, policies or positions, or helped to organize or in any way supported you in making any writings?

This is a very helpful question.


Well, they will respond yes, assuming that they are an honest person writing in response to one of the governments' calls for pro-government blogging.

Indeed, Air Force regulations require that the blogger identify themselves as military.

The Government Heavily Manipulates Social Media

The U.S. government long ago announced its intention to "fight the net".

As revealed by an official Pentagon report signed by Rumsfeld called "Information Operations Roadmap":

The roadmap [contains an] acknowledgement that information put out as part of the military's psychological operations, or Psyops, is finding its way onto the computer and television screens of ordinary Americans.

"Information intended for foreign audiences, including public diplomacy and Psyops, is increasingly consumed by our domestic audience," it reads.

"Psyops messages will often be replayed by the news media for much larger audiences, including the American public," it goes on.***

How did you feel when you became 100% Certain that 9/11 was an inside job?

Hello community,

Often times, opponents of the 9/11 truth movement will try their methods of armchair psychology at analyzing 9/11 truthers, claiming that we WANT to believe that 9/11 was an inside job. They claim that we believe the "real" truth (official story) is just too boring. John McCain made this charge in his foreword to the Popular Mechanics propaganda book.

Over at JREF, an entire thread is dedicated to asking about the experiences of "former truthers," people who were briefly on our side but were then swayed back to official story belief after having read Popular Mechanics, 911myths(dot)com, etc. A forum regular there, Parky76, says the following:

i remember how scared my mom was when i spouted all the conspiracy theories at her. she was not happy at all that i was saying all these things.

i text messaged my ENTIRE family: "i have seen a new video, which shows compelling evidence, that our own government was responsible for 9-11!!"

i got zero responses...=)



"The Pearl Harbor of the 21st century took place today." President George W. Bush

"It is important for the American People to understand, there are cold blooded killers, who want to come to our homeland, and wreak havoc through death."  -  George W. Bush

“Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists.”  (Applause.) George W. Bush

“The election is over.  We won.”  (Reporter’s voice - “How do you know that?”)  “Its all over but the counting.  And we’ll take care of the counting.” - Congressman Peter King

"One of the least understood strategies of the world revolution now moving rapidly toward its goal is the use of mind control as a major means of obtaining the consent of the people who will be subjects of the New World Order." -- K.M. Heaton

"According to some estimates we cannot track $2.3 Trillion in transactions," Rumsfeld admitted, September the 10th, 2001

After 9/11, White House Pressured High-Level Media Executives "To Produce Propaganda"

World Falls for American Media, Even as It Sours on America


Published: November 30, 2008

Shortly after the attacks on 9/11, a delegation of high-level media executives, including the heads of every major studio, met several times with White House officials, including at least once with President Bush’s former top strategist, Karl Rove, to discuss ways that the entertainment industry could play a part in improving the image of the United States overseas.

One of the central ideas was using “soft power” by spreading American television and movies to foreign audiences, especially in the Muslim world, to help sway public opinion.

There were few tangible results from the meetings — lesser ways of supporting the war on terrorism like public service announcements and packages of free DVDs sent to American soldiers.

CBS News publishes Weekly Standard column on "9/11 Generation"

When did it become CBS policy to reprint neocon propaganda pieces from The Weekly Standard?

The 9/11 Generation And History
Nov. 12, 2008(Weekly Standard) This column was written by Dean Barnett.

In the 1960s, history called the Baby Boomers. They didn't answer the phone.

Confronted with a generation-defining conflict, the cold war, the Boomers--those, at any rate, who came to be emblematic of their generation--took the opposite path from their parents during World War II. Sadly, the excesses of Woodstock became the face of the Boomers' response to their moment of challenge. War protests where agitated youths derided American soldiers as baby-killers added no luster to their image.

Few of the leading lights of that generation joined the military. Most calculated how they could avoid military service, and their attitude rippled through the rest of the century. In the 1970s, '80s, and '90s, military service didn't occur to most young people as an option, let alone a duty.

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Here is what I posted at:

The Truth About Radical Islam
Radical Islam is truly diabolical! To think that 19 amateur pilots could outmaneuver the world's most heavily defended airspace! The 19 amateur pilots were commanded by a man on dialysis, in a cave in Afghanistan!

The diabolical Islamists managed to make 3 steel frame buildings collapse in a single day! No other steel framed structures have ever collapsed due to fire. The buildings fell at near free fall speed, right into their own footprint.

The Western Democracies were blind to Hitler's rise to power, even when he had the Reichstag Building burned and blamed it on his enemies.