Follow Bugiosi's lead

I have one suggestion and one question.

The suggestion is: Follow Bugliosi's lead and prosecute Bush et al. for murder in 3,000 cases for 9/11. Start by writing the book. I would do it, but I am not a lawyer. You lawyers out there, get together and write the book. Surely you can do as well as The Bug. Stop asking for a "new investigation" and start prosecuting. If Bugliosi can do it for the Iraq war, we can do it for 9/11. Not impeachment, because that is dependent on our lily-livered congresswimps.

The question is: Can anyone list up the past and ongoing suits so far on 9/11? This is for background info.

(I am referring of course to Vincent Bugliosi's recent book, "The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder"; see my last blog for interview with him.)