Your Government Appointees at Work

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January 10, 2010

Your Government Appointees at Work

By Marc Estrin

Cass Sunstein is President Obama's Harvard Law School friend, and recently appointed Administrator of the White House Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs.

In a recent scholarly article, he and coauthor Adrian Vermeule take up the question of "Conspiracy Theories: Causes and Cures". (J. Political Philosophy, 7 (2009), 202-227). This is a man with the president's ear. This is a man who would process information and regulate things. What does he here propose?

US Special Forces counter-insurgency manual FM 31-20-3


This sensitive US military counter-insurgency manual could be described as "What we learned about running death squads and propping up corrupt government in Latin America and how to apply it to other places". Its contents are both history defining for Latin America and, given the continued role of US Force in the suppression of insurgencies and guerilla movements, history making.

US Army Field Manual FM 31-20-3, Foreign Internal Defense Tactics Techniques and Procedures for Special Forces; Headquarters, Department of the Army, Washinton, DC. 2004 edition. Made US Army doctrine (policy) on 20 September 1994; 219 printed pages. Verified by Wikileaks editorial board. Since the manual is US Army doctrine there are also public references to the title and tables of content elsewhere.

Example extracts follow. Note that the manual is 219 pages and contains substantial material throughout, including technical and procedural descriptions which have not been presented here.


Czech It Out! "Apocalypse of Coercion" Is Getting Around

Originally published in Global Outlook magazine and reprinted in Truth Jihad
my essay "Apocalypse of Coercion"
is getting a reputation as THE major statement on 9/11 as psy-op. It has even been made into a major motion picture--well, sort of:

Now it's making the rounds in Czechoslovakia:

Hi Kevin,

Greets from Venice, Italy. Good news: your article was published in the major Czech internet journal Zvedavec:
The audience is well above average and the rating is excellent 1.4 on a 5 grade scale.

Almost immediately it was adopted by the Czech movement "NO-TO-BASES", which is fighting against the building of the US army bases on the Czech soil:
The article was also adopted with several other journals and bloggers.
For example:

Putting the WTC7 in context

Now, with three confirmations about early (means before it actually happened) reports on the collapse of WTC7, we can assume that there was indeed an early press release, stating that Building 7 has collapsed due to fires and damage from the fallen debris of the Twin Towers.

The CNN guy was confused, as he could see the building still standing in the skyline, which made him switch to “Is collapsing” as he reads the news.
The BBC reporter, who did not necessarily knew the Manhattan skyline in detail, gave us the original report: “indeed it has collapsed.”

The people behind this press release should be taken unter close scrutinity, they are most likely the real perps of that day. We can only speculate, if it was the OEM or a similar organisation or group of persons.

I mean, this early reporting was not necessarily an “error” in the script Matrix.

Remember that WTC7 slided into oblivion after that day, from 01-09-12 on?

Olbermann: Inflated Terror

Keith Olbermann asks the key question whether the statistics were intentionally or unintentionally wrong. David Boies, Olbermann's guest and the author or "Courting Justice", basically avoided the question saying it is just important that the data are wrong and we need to do something about it so we are safe.

Wrong answer. This prolongs the presumption that 9/11 was carried out by UBL etc., and that we remain in grave danger from Islamic terrorists. It also absolves anyone/everyone invloved with the bad data of guilt.

Later Olbermann asked "What are the risks going forward using bad data?"

Wrong question. He should have pressed the issue of possible government complicity in falsifying this data.

Maybe someday one of these self-proclaimed newsmen will get a spine and give up their anchor jobs for the truth. Charlie Sheen did not lose his job for 9/11 truth. Would Olbermann? What about Jack Cafferty?

Perhaps a write-in campaign asking them to sacrifice their jobs for truth.

Where are Dan Rather and Ted Koppell on the topics? Doesn't anyone out there in TV newsland have a conscience and a set of cajones?