Is the 9/11 "Pentagon Hole" a Psyop to Distract from Real Questions?

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Educators and 9/11: Learning to teach the unthinkable

A symposium is being held in Jersey City July 1 on how to teach 9/11; while i pity the teachers that will attempt to teach the OCT to a generation avidly embracing the internet and wise to reality, critical thinking and the corporate govt/media conflicts and agenda, it is disturbing seeing well-funded attempts like this to indoctrinate the younger generations, the future of our nation, our posterity with evil lies. Similar to ABC's Path to 9/11 attempting to team up with Scholastic- they failed on the joint venture, i think- due to public outcry. Submit your comments if you have children and you care about the quality of their education, or if you don't have kids and just care about the health of society and the future of humanity.

Educators and 9/11: Learning to teach the unthinkable
Sunday, June 29, 2008
Star-Ledger Staff

It's right there, tucked away in the pages of newer American history textbooks, along with the American Revolution, slavery and the Civil War, two world wars, the Great Depression, the civil rights movement and Vietnam.

"Unfair Dealing" Documentary by David Weingarten

(EDIT: entire series also on YouTube:
D/L film in .wmv format here:
The screen size on the D/L is still pretty small.)

Unfair Dealing by David Weingarten

I just came across this video about the alleged Toronto terrorist plot, which was a total "made in Canada" PsyOp.

If you have not seen it yet, you may want to check it out and let others know too.

Afterwards, think about that plastic "hand grenade" mirror ornament too, as seen in the recent Walmart video, and as innocent as that ''may' have been, how dangerous this 'could' be for the individuals involved, and for the movement.

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The secret war on Australia

Yesterday I found an indebt feature on which struck me as odd. Jihadi Sites taunting Australians about their withdrawl from Iraq. Newly elected prime minister Rudd promised the withdrawl of australian troops if elected. The fact that he was elected clearly showed that Australia wanted out of the illegal war with Iraq.
Iragies clearly want the occupation to end and want all the foreign troops to leave. The only people to gain from these taunts are the fashist leaders of the USA. Are we looking at a full swing psyop false flag opperation?

Michael Medved Still Won't Face Facts that 9-11 was a "military-industrial-intelligence complex, black budget, falseflag, psyop"

On thursday, I called into Michael Medved's "Disagreement Day" show once again to attempt to bring up some 9-11 facts. Although I got pre-empted and distracted by Medved, I got my basic point out there early on and responded fairly adequately to his questions. Maybe I speculated a bit too much when I answered his question about the reason for the Afghanistan War with "opium money." We eventually proceeded to talking about the '93 WTC bombing. And ended up with Medved giving me earnest, heart-felt advice to not ruin my life "with this stuff."

The American Truth

The American Truth

The American Truth is the latest work by Nick Shelton that explores the controversies of the September 11th attacks.

A little about The American Truth

Part nonfiction, part novel - The American Truth paints a picture of the “secrets” of 9/11. This page-turner makes you question whether you witnessed one of the most controversial events of all of history.

The fiction section puts the 9/11 controversies into a riveting, action-packed narrative similar to that of the novel The Da Vinci Code. The non-fiction section provides an overview of the 9/11 controversies.

Purpose of

The purpose of this site is not to sell copies of The American Truth. Much of the book is actually available for free on this website. I created this site to:
• provide an interactive atmosphere for those who have read The American Truth;
• allow anyone with Internet access to learn more about the important issues addressed in the book;
• provide relevant information for those interested in the controversies surrounding the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

254 Interesting video clips

I went through the foorage (available here: and cut out the parts I found important.... 24GB in all. I also included a copy of "911 The Explosive Reality" (without the "red falshes" error at the end) and Robert Wright's (damming) speech to the national press club. I'm not sure they will let this stay up... please grab it now and host if you can.

The complete list is here (pls ignore any spelling errors ;-):

PS. The full 198GB set ( is "well seeded" now if you were waiting to download it.

The Psychological Trickery of 9/11

Like all of us, I have sometimes been surprised by what seemed to be irrational and overly emotional responses from close friends, respected colleagues or family members on the issue of 9/11 truth. After each such incident, I wondered how someone could appear to be so blind even to the big problems with some of the most basic undisputed facts of 9/11, like the fact that our servants in government have failed to give us an explanation for the collapse of WTC7 and the fact that the only arguments which even begin to address the concerns of citizens questioning the quality of our servants' work-product, The 9/11 Commission Report, were given to us by a privately owned magazine, and a cheesy one at that, instead of from our servants themselves. Why couldn't my loved ones see the elephants in the living room?

The 9/11 Distraction... FROM the "New World Order"

The common knowledge is that 9/11 catalyzed what many refer to the “New World Order”, regardless of how things really went down that day. From there this “NWO” is assumed to be a mere push for global domination (imperialism). In essence, the general concept of this NWO ends there, but in truth it’s something much more powerful and frightening than a mere quest for imperial domination: Artificial Intelligence, and my new video blows the lid right off this completely ignored threat.

It’s really quite obvious that the 9/11 event distracted the population, at least for a time, from any concept of truth, with this so-called “War on Terror”. In the foggy aftermath, those skeptical of 9/11 and this war have found a focus and often a newfound drive to learn “The Truth”. But even more importantly is that without 9/11 there would be alarmists, ”conspiracy theorists”, and just people who generally look into such things.

NEW: Military "Blind Hatred" Research Reveals Media Manipulation / Complicity in 9/11


SEPTEMBER 11, 2001


Can we trust the visual record of September 11 that we all witnessed on television?

Should researchers in the 9/11 Truth community dismiss the role of the mainstream media in carrying out psychological warfare against the American people, or should they consider witting and unwitting media cooperation in the events of September 11, 2001?

"911 'No-Planes' Conspirators Seek To Sabotage Truth"??? (from has now posted an article entitled "911 'No-Planes' Conspirators Seek To Sabotage Truth" by the prolific Dick Eastman.  The first paragraph of his Op-Ed article (which you should read at is as follows:

Think about it.  While the real investigators take the evidence and link them to men in the Defense Department and in Israel --  the no-planers remain stuck on the assertion that all the 45 video recordings were faked and that all the witnesses who saw the planes are liars  and the just make the vaguest totally detached references to "the perps" or just "perps".

Without expressing my opinion on which hypotheses are true and which are false, let me ask some semi-facetious, semi-rhetorical questions:

Let's see now...  No Big Boeing crashed into the Pentagon, right?  No Big Boeing crashed in Shanksville, right?  But most people still believe that Two (2) Big Boeings crashed into the WTC towers, right?  After all, we all saw it on TV; and the mainstream TV media & others couldn't fake such a big lie; and the real 9/11 Perpetrators could not afford to do magic that is better than David Copperfield to trick all those 9/11 WTC eyewitnesses [who are certainly NOT lying], right?