Debunking Popular Mechanics series: The "Real NORAD" tapes


" This is a rough cut of an up comming series on "Debunking Popular Mechanics". The 911 book they released was researched by "suspicious chatacters" and just added to the controversy and questions that already sourround 911. This is an attemp to try and set the record straight with facts. It will prove that NORAD was not the "bubbling idiots" that Popular Mechanics would like to portray them as........ www.pumpitout.com -- recorded for historical accuracy 013007 - 013107"

AUDIO: Phone call to Popular Mechanics' Davin Coburn re: Charles Goyette Show

For those who aren't familiar with Arizona radio talk show host Charles Goyette's recent interview with Popular Mechanics' Davin Coburn, have a listen to it before listening to the follow up phone call made to Mr. Coburn by "Jeff" from PUMPITOUT.com .

Charles Goyette Interview:
9/11 Debunking the Debunkers —"The Charles Goyette Show", interview with Popular mechanics' Davin Coburn Wed Aug 23, 2006

The Goyette Interview is also available on 911podcasts.

PUMPITOUT.com calls Davin Coburn of Popular Mechanics (Aug 29, 2006)
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3 Minute audio clip of Davin Coburn saying "'Pull It' is not a controlled demolition term" on the Charles Goyette Show. Included at the end of the audio clip is PUMPITOUT.com's phone call to Controlled Demolitions Inc. asking them "what does 'pull it' mean?"
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