Pyroclastic Flow

Jeff King 1946-2012

Jeff King, an early scientific voice in the 9/11 Truth Movement, died on June 19 after a lengthy battle with amyloidosis and multple myeloma. He studied physics and engineering at MIT, left for a number of years, then re-enrolled, finished with a degree in Biology (with a combined course of study later labeled Biomedical Engineering), then went on to medical school and became a physician.

Jeff was a neighbor and a good friend. You may know of him through his online name, Plague Puppy ( Some of his thinking about 9/11 was speculative and out of the mainstream of the 9/11 Truth Movement, but I knew him to be extremely inquisitive, well read, independent in his thinking, and non-dogmatic. He was one of the early influences in my getting involved with the 9/11 Truth Movement. He was a gentle and caring person, beloved by his patients.

He is probably best know for the talk shown here:

He will be missed.

--David Chandler

High resolution release of new World Trade Center collapse videos

An anonymous source has released high resolution DVD mpg2 footage of the North Tower & Building 7 collapse clips, reported here on November 1st, 2008: Also the source has allowed the release of video of the South Tower, and made all 3 available in high quality downloadable DVD file mpg's. These files are cut from source recording DVD VOB files so there is no quality loss, however the sound has been removed, and the video is edited. The source wishes to remain anonymous at this point. View all 3 clips here:

Hi Quality DVD files at these links.
South Tower:
North Tower:

Help Keep September 11th Listed On Wikipedia as a Pyroclastic Flow

Every attempt to list the collapse of the WTC as an example of a pyroclastic flow on wikipedia has been deleted. They have tried to hide behind a noble call for sources, but when sources are given they still delete the post.

Pyroclastic flows are important because they are another smoking gun that proves there was a large amount of explosives in the towers and the official theory breaks fundamental laws of physics. If anyone has any better sources for the fact that pyroclastic flows were present in NYC following the collapse please add them to the wikipedia entry.

Wikipedia entry for Pyroclastic Flows

You can also leave your comments on the discussion page letting the admins know you think the page should keep its new additions.

Wikipedia entry for Discussion of the entry on Pyroclastic Flows