Lionel Talks About Christine Ebersole on His Radio Show in NYC

In response to the news yesterday regarding Christine Ebersole coming out and publicly questioning 9/11.

6 Minute 2MB MP3 (911podcasts mirror)

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Jim Fetzer Interviews Rick Siegel Today on GCN

Rick Siegel will be appearing with Jim Fetzer on GCN to discuss Disinfo and Misinfo today Feb 6 at 3PM CST.

Dylan Avery Talks About Loose Change Final Cut on The Alex Jones Show

1.6MB MP3
Dylan talks a bit about the future plans for the existing second edition, clears up the misstatements on their budget for the film, and talks about what we can expect to see once Loose Change Final Cut is released.

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Mike Berger on Lone Lantern Radio Wednesday the 24th

Mike Berger, Media Coordinator for will be a guest on Lone Lantern Radio January 24th at 7pm central time. Gary and Mike will discuss Mike's numerous appearances doing battle with the pundits on the mainstream press networks, the recent acceptance of his 9/11 documentary "Improbable Collapse" to an east coast film festival and his thoughts for the new year. For more info and live stream links please visit

Lone Lantern Radio Interviews Eric Williams About Upcoming Arizona Conference


Eric D. Williams Co-Director of the 911 Accountability Conference was a guest on Lone Lantern Radio, January 10th. Host Gary Franchi discussed guests, goals, direction and the purpose for the conference with Eric. Janette MacKinlay called in towards the end of the show to share her thoughts on the conference and the importance of accountability. During the first half of the show, Gary ran down the top headlines and broadcast the recent Lou Dobbs clip where he spoke about the New World Order and the North American Union.

You can find out more about this upcoming conference at

On a side note, I will be on Lone Lantern Radio tomorrow night (1/19) to chat about The show runs from 7PM to 8PM CST, and you can find out how to tune in at

Jim Fetzer Interviews Steven Jones on the Dynamic Duo

27MB MP3

This is an interview of Steven Jones by Jim Fetzer on the Dynamic Duo show on gcnlive from the 17th.

Have a listen, post some comments.

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Radio Host Lionel Talks about Recent Hustler Article

Lionel Radio Show - 01/07/07 - 9MB MP3

I got a heads up that Lionel - host of a show on WOR 710 AM in NYC - covered the recent Hustler article and more regarding 9/11. Check it out.

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Sirius Left To Discuss How 9/11 Skeptics Damage 'legitimate skepticism of the government'

Liberal Talk Radio -

Is 9/11 Paranoia Bad For The Country?
Tomorrow 5:00 pm ET
The Nation contributer Christopher Hayes will talk about 9/11 conspiracy theories-- and the trouble such paranoia causes to legitimate skepticism of the government and its behavior (especially this particular administration).

You can find 'Sirius Left' on channel 146 on Sirius radio. The exact date of the show isn't stated, so keep an eye out today and tomorrow.

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Are some Americans becoming like pre-WW2 Germans?

Over at I came across this on the front page!

"When radio host Jerry Klein suggested that all Muslims in the United States should be identified with a crescent-shape tattoo or a distinctive arm band, the phone lines jammed instantly. What he said was a hoax. What the callers said was not"

Digg Article

Reuters Article

This is a sad example of the pulse of this nation. In addition to the above, it is widely stated amongst right wingers that folks such as us (truthers etc..) are "in bed with the terrorists, communist and Nazis.

Bruce Marshall, Green Candidate for Congress in Vermont, Airs Concerns About 9/11 on Vermont Public Radio

Interview: Bruce Marshall, U.S. House Candidate - Vermont Public Radio

As part of VPR's continuing midterm election coverage we're speaking with a wide variety of candidates for statewide office.

Today, Green Party candidate for the US House Bruce Marshall talks with Mitch Wertlieb about the central issue of his campaign, which he says is more important than anything any of the major party candidates or the mainstream media is willing to talk about.

Mr. Marshall gets straight to the point in this 6 minute long interview with Vermont Public Radio. Marshall's central reason for running is to expose the lies surrounding 9/11.

You can find the 3MB MP3 of the interview via the link above, or archived at 911podcasts here.

Please note that we have added a banner in the action items section which lists all 9/11 candidates, please do your best to help them however you can!

Interview with Ralph Epperson, Saturday 8pm Est

Live interactive interview with Ralph Epperson will be broadcast in Paltalk, Shoutcast and Skypecast. Our Paltalk room is named "911Truth United We Stand". Paltalk is a Windows only program, so if you don't have Windows or Paltalk, you can either just listen in via Shoutcast or interact and listen via Skypecast.

We will be having a Q&A session where you can ask Ralph questions either from Paltalk or Skypecast.

Details at

Recent Radio Shows

We've been slacking when it comes to keeping track of recent interviews, so here are a few from the last week or so.

Jim Fetzer Responds to Bill O'Reilly - (10/16) - National Intel Report
Kevin Barrett Guest Hosts with John Kiminski - (10/14) - Non-Random Thoughts
Jack Blood Interviews Dr. David Ray Griffin - (10/13) - Deadline Live
Michael Wolsey Interviews Jon Gold - (10/13) - Visibility 9/11
Wayne Madsen and William Pepper from DC 5th Anniversary - (10/11) - Guns & Butter

Update, don't forget Jason Bermas on Louder than words radio - (10/14) - RBN

I'm sure we are missing some, so if you have other recent radio shows which are worth checking out please post them in the comments!

Gary Bell From AM640 Toronto Devotes 5 Hour Show to Attack Official 9/11 Story

Gary Bell - Sept. 9 - 23mb MP3

Check it out, post some comments.

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Barrie Zwicker Hosts Radio Special Tonight on RBN Live

Just heard, Barrie Zwicker will be hosting a special show on RBN ( ) at 5 pm PT, 6 pm MT, 7 pm CT, 8 pm ET. (2 hours air time in total)

He will apparently have as a guest a certain Dr. Anderson. I am not sure of the exact theme but am sure it will be 9/11 related.

I have no further info, at this time.

This was announced today in the late afternoon by John Stadtmiller on RBN.

Should be interesting. There may be Shortwave coverage too, but I am not sure. Check the RBN site.

Streaming audio via internet:

Toll-free call-in number: 1 - 800 - 313 - 9443

PS Barrie Zwicker will also be filling in for John Stadtmiller on RBN on Sept. 12th, 2006 while John will be at the 9/11 events in NYC.

Enjoy the show !

Antigovernment protesters seize 12 private radio stations

Protesters including striking school teachers in southern Mexico seized 12 private radio stations today after unidentified assailants shot up a government-owned station already under the demonstrators’ control.

Why aren't we organizing this kind of action in the US? ... And I'm really talking about our public radio stations, but the Mexicans took over both Public and Private stations. Damn!

I tried to organize citizens in my hometown to protest the 'public' National Propaganda Radio station run by agents and/or useful idiots- but the anti-war 'leaders' (who have been in this small town for years longer than me, and they know everyone) who "know about 9/11" - yet all they want to do is organize a useless Saturday afternoon march!

When I brought up the importance of the radio and reaching more people than the 50 at the march... they told me: "never going to happen." And the rest of the crowd was all too happy to follow the leaders... the republicans aren't the only sheep in America.

How about 911bloggers? How about us? Do we have it in us to take the message to the next level, by marching on and possibly taking over tv and radio stations? If nothing else, we'd be informing/shaming the tv news crew, etc.