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Randi Rhodes & Paul Thompson Discuss ABC's "The Path To 9/11" - 9/12/2006

Not posting this to start an argument.

I firmly believe this is when we were our most "powerful" as a movement. We were still being ignored for the most part, the media and "debunkers" hadn't really had a chance yet to do their best to discredit us so we were still credible in MANY peoples eyes, Paul Thompson was still "the man," and a year later I wrote an article entitled "This Is Not The Controlled Demolition Movement" when we were being defined both from without and within as the movement that thinks the buildings were brought down in a "Controlled Demolition," and a "missile hit the Pentagon." Then, it was later terrorist sympathizers, holocaust denying murderers, anti-semites, and so on.

Another point can be made that "In Their Own Words: The Untold Stories Of The 9/11 Families" was released in late 2007, and that barely got any attention, both without and within the "9/11 Truth Movement."

Paul Thompson Appears On The Randi Rhodes Show 9/12/2006 To Destroy ABC's "The Path To 9/11"

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In this thread, I made the comment, "When ABC's "Path to 9/11" came out, it was about the same time PFT (9/11: Press For Truth) came out. Guess which one the media decided to focus on (even though the families presented it at the National PRESS club on 9/11/2006). I also remember that around that time is when Ann Coulter started to speak out against the "Jersey Girls." Coincidence? Who knows?

I no longer have the clip, and I can't find it on the web, but there is a Randi Rhodes show with Paul Thompson where he completely destroys "Path to 9/11."

Well, I found the clip on my computer. I have edited it out the commercials. Enjoy.

My open email to Randi Rhodes regarding my alleged "sandbagging" of the VP on blog-based nano-thermite rumor

I just called the Randi Rhodes show when I heard her give the number out, and, unexpectedly, got right on the air. I did not have my thoughts as collected as I would have liked and I was a little bit startled with how quickly things got snarky and snarly. So, I apologize if I was not that focused. But it seemed like it got some of the info out and got a good discussion going about journalism, blogging and "sandbagging." So, here is my open email in response to Randi. I have also told her that I will keep her responses private if she so desires.

p.s. if someone can grab that audio on the replay, that would be great.


Censorship at the Randi Rhodes Message Board?

Well, perhaps it's just a way to stop the "personal attacks". For years members have put up with mods ignoring complaints and threatening those who complain about mistreatment by some members of the board and a different set of rules for the 9/11 forum than the rest of the board. Now with the election coming up they are censoring it even further. Insults have been a long standing institution at the 9/11 forum but now that there's an important election coming up, Admins seem scared to let potential new members and googlebots see what they've let become of their message board. If you personally attack another member you could get kicked off the board, unless it's in the 9/11 forum. Read the "pinned" post by one moderator below. What it doesn't say is that they are no longer making the 9/11 forum public (it's admitted to by a moderator in a different thread). You have to be a member (not a guest) and log in to read the 9/11 forum, but not on the rest of the forums. You can read the topics below, but you can't view them unless you are a member. Try it for yourself: http://forums.therandirhodesshow.com/index.php?showforum=13

Air America Host Randi Rhodes Suspended For Calling Hillary A Very Bad Word

Air America Host Randi Rhodes Suspended For Calling Hillary A "Big F*cking Whore"

Air America host Randi Rhodes called both Geraldine Ferraro and Hillary Clinton "whores" in a recent appearance, seen below. Rhodes, who hosts a weekday radio show on Air America, said to the cheering crowd, "What a whore Geraldine Ferraro is! She's such a fucking whore!" She then proceeded to say, "Hillary is a big fucking whore, too" to a mixed audience reaction. "You know why she's a big fucking whore? Because her deal is always, 'Read the fine print, asshole!'"


Sean Hannity Is Still Defending "The Path To 9/11"

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On 9/12/2006, Paul Thompson appeared on the Randi Rhodes show, and ripped apart "The Path To 9/11".

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Randi Rhodes Questions 9/11 'Collapses' During Segment on Bush Administration Lies


In the third hour of her January 2nd radio show, Randi Rhodes discussed Bush senior's recent odd behavior - referencing the Warren commission report and JFK conspiracy theories during his speech at Ford's memorial. Randi drew comparisons to his recent breakdown while giving a speech regarding his son Jeb. She questions whether his recent strange behavior is due to a forthcoming wave of questions by the incoming democratic majority. Amongst this segment Randi quite bluntly questions the collapses of the twin towers as well as WTC7.

Let's hope that Randi will continue to voice her concerns over what really happened on 9/11, and that her voice won't fall on deaf ears with the incoming democratic majority.

Check out the first segment - about 12 minutes - in the MP3 linked above.

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Randi Rhodes Interviews Paul Thompson 9/7/2006

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Apparently he was on for at least an hour today.