Len Hart: How the Right Wing Embraces and Promotes "Magical Thinking"

From http://www.opednews.com/articles/opedne_len_hart_071114_how_the_right_wing_e.htm
an article by the "The Existentialist Cowboy", Len Hart. Seems he is some sort of 9/11 Truther as well as a fine columnist.

"The GOP is most magical, however, when it tries to explain the truly magical events of 911. Entire airliners vanished without a trace; steel towers defied the laws of physics. David Copperfield is eating his heart out. He only made the Statue of Liberty vanish and, later, a single airliner. Like every sleazy magician who defies his audience to come up with a "rational" explanation for the disappearance of a scantily clad assistant into a collapsing box, the GOP owes much to what is known in the trade as mis-direction. Only the terminology stays the same. The little white bunny disappears down a tiny hole never to be seen again."

The Direction We Are Headed

I must admit that I am growing increasingly frustrated at the direction in which some of the users of this site have been headed. Actions in the last few days have pushed the bounds of reasonable activity and have forced me into a position in which I do not wish to be. Egos and frustration mixed with low blows and antagonation have led what could and should be a positive focus into one of extremely negative vibes. In little position to find a solution it seems there are none in my hands, but only those who help make up this otherwise useful tool for the 9/11 truth movement. Disagreements and differences of opinions stretched out over an incredibly long period of hard work in fighting for what is right have led many to utter apathy and others to misdirected aggression.

Trying to stay on top of this website has grown outside of the bounds of reason, a double edged sword in many different ways. Cries for help for solutions mixed with intentional flamebaiting, name dropping, misunderstandings, and misinterpretation leaves little room for any single person to solve anything. Unimaginable progress over two years seems like so little in minute by minute postings, while time wastes away talking amongst ourselves our adversaries take the ears of what should be our intended audience. Tools abound to facilitate a growing progression mean little in the hands of distraction - is that what this site has become?

What is the direction this site is headed? Will another site without such problems emerge in time to replace this one, or are they already there but not being utilized? Is there any feasibility to having a large tent without being overcome in inner feuds and worthless battles? A big tent with few large actions or many small tents with many small actions? Can a site's users maintain it themselves to prevent self destruction or marginalization, or is such an effort a waste of time itself? At what point can this site go away to facilitate better actions by those who invest so much time in its survival? To what degree is the debt owed by its moderators and its users? Where should the line be drawn, and who gets to draw it? Do we end with a ban hammer bang, or bow out before the mess hits the fan?

I'll leave it up to you.

Bye Bye Miss American FREEDOM pie...

Today im writing my rant. Bush and his regime is changing the American way of life, re-writing, instating, and changing our law's which directly or in some cases in-directly conflict with our rights set forth by our founding fathers. Since 9/11, our way of life has been changed for the worse, i hate to say it folks, but if we dont make a stand, and demand to be heard, and fight to keep our rights, we will end up as a communist country with the world wide impression that we are still "free' (though this seems true now adays). Our freedom and rights are constantly in major jeporady, and yet the american public sits back and "trusts" what the Inside terroists(bush & friends) tell us is real and true. I know for one it has taken me 5 whole years as a resident of NY to realize that they (bush & friends) are a bunch of self-contradicting jerk off's that lie to start off with, and when the truth is brought forth, lie again about their previous statements that were made such as;

"Sadam is confirmed to have Nuclear weapons of mass destruction"
Then after years in iraq....
"It is confirmed sadam had no Nuclear weapons, and had no direct or indirect ties with the taliban, alqueda, or any terrorist affiliations what so ever"