Walking a Fine Line in the 9/11 Community - A Lesson in Futility

One of my personal desires in the new changes at 911blogger.com was to be able to find a personal voice via my own personal blog, to let me rant if you will. That is what this is, and perhaps by the end you will understand why finding a medium by which I could do so was of utmost importance to me.

When it comes to the 9/11 community today it takes walking a fine line to stay out of the line of fire, and is often a purely futile exercise. Those that wish not to be involved so much in determining the 'truth' about 9/11, but rather bringing focus to the questions surrounding 9/11, have a smaller and smaller place in which to dance.

To be accepted amongst one clique you must adhere to one belief, and to be accepted amongst another clique you must adhere to another set of beliefs. An agnostic 9/11 activist finds themselves fitting in with no one, as not deciding on an opinion is all to often interpreted as actually advocating the opposite belief of whomever is demanding your stance on a given subject. This struggle to be 'agnostic' in the 9/11 movement has become an increasingly more and more futile exercise.

It would only make sense to provide a couple of examples as to what I'm getting at. Seeing as how I am indirectly making this blog entry to highlight my own personal frustrations, it only seems right to include examples of how 911blogger.com has been judged by others in the community. This listing is by no means complete, nor is it meant to cast anger towards others - as such no specific details will be provided.