real reasons behind 911

Iraq Opens Oil Fields To Global Bidding 60% Increase In Output Sought By Sudarsan Raghavan and Steven Mufson

I was surprised to see this article (with some of its details and comments) in a MSM newspaper today.

Americans are not only being "softened up" for a war or conflict with Iran . . . I think the beneficial byproduct of this and many of the lies of the last 7 years (the entire century+ ?) finally being exposed, with more and more Americans' acceptance of them, is that Americans are also now getting primed for the true story behind 9/11 . . .

If we could "sacrifice" 4,200 troops for oil and 1.2 million Iraqis for oil, could we - I'd rather say "they" - not "sacrifice" 3,000 American citizens?

(We can see how the numbers were minimized that day. If the group behind 9/11 wanted maximum numbers killed that day, the timing of the events would have been later in the day . . . We can see a "humane" aspect to this attack . . . )