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Bill Maher Continues on Jan. 11th, 2008

Bill Maher's Real Time is going back on the Air on January 11th, 2008. We might want to work as part of the "11th of every month" campaign and coordinate something special for the audience members to do again. What a way to kick off 2008.


People over at are working for this day as well. is a great place to mobilize, organize, and coordinate with the people for an interesting demonstration of mass creative disobedience.

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Also feel free to visit the Blogs over at HBO and see if you can convince anyone to look into the truth of 9/11

Bill Maher Interrupted in Real Time Overtime while Pushing Big Lie

A couple weeks ago, I attended a Real Time w/ Bill Maher taping with a fellow 9-11 Truther from Southern California. Maher's guests were Rep. Rahm Emanuel, Michael Eric Dyson and Pete Hamill. I could not keep my opinions to myself, especially with Rahm Emanuel mincing words about very important issues. So I shouted out a few times. I guess it got to Maher since it reached a crescendo during the Overtime segment. Right after he mentioned the overwhelming Saudi make-up of the 9-11 hijackers, I yelled out "Patsies." At this point he called me a "loudmouth asshole" and told security to shut me up. While security was talking to me, he said he would come down and kick my ass if he had to, eliciting audience applause. I wish had heard that at the time since I would have told him to debate me instead. It's agreed also that next time, the words "Don't tazer me bro!" might be apppropriate and disarming. Check it out here. It gets going @ about 2:30 into it.

VIDEO: Ron Paul on Real Time with Bill Maher 05/25/07

Real Time with Bill Maher 05/25/07 -- Part 2 of 3 (Ron Paul)

Part 1

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Published: Saturday May 26, 2007

Speaking as a guest on Bill Maher's HBO show this week, the underdog Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul issued a rebuke to the tough-talking Rudy Giuliani and spoke at length about the value of non-intervention in the pursuit of peaceful change.