The REAL war on terror;

Massive Terrorist Cells Identified in US's us twoofers

By Ed Ward, MD

I read the Price Of Liberty Website from time to time, but haven't done so since last August. I ran across this article while reading today and had to share it on this site. It's very informative and shows what the defenders of this government are supporting.

September 11, 2006

The recently revealed National Security Council document, Strategy for Winning the War on Terror, exposes a massive terrorist group that has been working in all 50 states for several years. Only the groups general description was noted, but their method of operation was specifically identified.

In the section “The Terrorism We Confront Today Springs From: Subcultures of Conspiracy and Misinformation” the terrorist are clearly identified by: Terrorists recruit through information that “is contaminated by falsehoods and corrupted by conspiracy theories.” The new terrorists are further identified in the section, “To Wage the Battle of Ideas Effectively, We Must Recognize What Does and Does Not Give Rise to Terrorism’, by their direct association with ‘September 11," 2001.