Americans have lost faith in pretty much everything - Gallup Poll - Market Watch

Market Watch - June 14, 2016
...with link to Gallup Poll

...As Gallup’s Jim Norman explains: “Americans clearly lack confidence in the institutions that affect their daily lives: the schools responsible for educating the nation’s children; the houses of worship that are expected to provide spiritual guidance; the banks that are supposed to protect Americans’ earnings; the U.S. Congress elected to represent the nation’s interests; and the news media that claims it exists to keep them informed.”...
...Congress actually earned the “ignominious” distinction of being the only institution sparking little or no confidence in a majority of Americans in the poll....

Media Roots Radio - Late Night Existential Conversation

Media Roots Radio - Late Night Existential Conversation by Media Roots

MEDIA ROOTSRobbie & Abby Martin of Media Roots have an impromptu late night conversation about existentialism: the progression of technology and its effect on human interaction; human nature and the inability to face personal truths; reinforced perceptions of reality and societal myths keeping people in line; 9/11 & false flag terrorism, corporate collusion, the police state ruling society by fear and the unsustainable nature of global capitalism.

Faith-Based fascism : "God Is With Us": Hitler's Rhetoric and the Lure of "Moral Values"

"God Is With Us": Hitler's Rhetoric and the Lure of "Moral Values"

by Maureen Farrell

December 7, 2004 (pls see link for all the relevant sublinks)

"God does not make cowardly nations free." -- Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf

A couple weeks ago, while asserting that the Founding Founders intended for the U.S. government to be infused with Christianity, Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia said that the Holocaust was able to flourish in Germany because of Europe's secular ways. "Did it turn out that, by reason of the separation of church and state, the Jews were safer in Europe than they were in the United States of America?" Scalia asked a congregation at Manhattan's Shearith Israel synagogue. "I don't think so."

One might expect regular citizens to be ignorant of history, but a Supreme Court Justice? Does he imagine that the phrase "Gott mit Uns" was a German clothier's interpretation of "Got Milk"?

" ZEITGEIST ADDENDUM " to Premiere on October 2nd 2008 at the Artivists Film Festival in LA

The long awaited sequel to the most viewed internet documentary of all time, "Zeitgeist, The Movie",
will premiere on October 2nd 2008, as the opening night feature of the 5th Annual Artivists Film Festival,
in Los Angeles CA. Upon the conclusion of the work, a Q & A will commence with the creator,
Peter Joseph, and his guests.

It will be released online for free viewing the next day, October 3rd, 2008

Tickets for the premiere will be available soon through

Here is the trailer for the new work:

The work claims to offer the solution(s) to the problems we are facing today.
According to the website, a new "activism" website will be launched at the same
time the film is released.

What About the War, Benedict? By Ray McGovern

What About the War, Benedict?

By Ray McGovern
April 21, 2008

Pope Benedict XVI arrived in the United States last week against a macabre backdrop featuring reports of torture, execution and war. He chose not to notice.

Torture: Fresh reporting by ABC from inside sources depicted George W. Bush’s most senior aides (Cheney, Powell, Rumsfeld, Ashcroft, Rice and Tenet) meeting dozens of times in the White House during 2002/03 to sort out the most efficient mix of torture techniques for captured “terrorists.”

When initially ABC attempted to insulate the president from this sordid activity, Bush abruptly bragged that he knew all about it and approved. That comment and the action memorandum Bush signed on Feb. 7, 2002, dispelled any lingering doubt regarding his personal responsibility for authorizing torture.

Execution: Meanwhile, the U.S. Supreme Court, with a majority of judges calling themselves Catholic, was openly deliberating on whether one gram, or two, or perhaps three of this or that chemical would be the preferred way to execute people.

Ring Of Power

The power in the world and the origins of religion and power. Discussions regarding 911 are chronicled as well as the possible involvement of the US government and the put options on the stock market regarding the World Trade Centre.

broken into 10 parts - index available at :

Here is part 1

Zeitgeist, The Movie - London Theaterical Premiere - Dec. 7th 9pm

'Zeitgeist, The Movie', the non-profit truth film which won the Artivists Film Festival's top award, giving the controversial work a high degree of public exposure, is now being premiered in LONDON ON DECEMBER 7TH '07 at 9pm at the Genesis Cinema.
If you are in the London Area, please come out and support this Artivist's screening.
A Q&A with the film maker, Peter Joseph, will follow the showing.

Dealing with Theism, 911 truth, and the global elite, Zeitgeist has become the fastest view tallying internet documentary IN HISTORY according to some trackers. With an average of 40k views a day in English alone, this movie has been in the Top 10 of the World Google Video List for 2 months... inching to the top. This film has been able to reach a vastly different audience, outside of the choir, than most of the videos out today on 9/11 and social fraud.

The future is in our hands!

Sadly, the most vocal of the truth activists are probably also the most likely people to be targeted when the next false-flag operation or next "natural" disaster strikes. An open society is easy to control by decapitation -- "killing the future," as Barrie Zwicker writes in Towers of Deception. That is possibly why the perpetrators of 9/11 do not try too hard to censor the vocal activists, and dismiss them as "conspiracy theorists." Right now most people are not paying attention to them. But just when the masses might start paying attention they will be killed in cold blood and then their message will become obscure because the public will be distracted by something new. Anybody who tries to take their place runs the same risk. Of course now, with the internet, a thousand people could take the place of one of them, like the many-headed hydra, and we can't all be eliminated, can we? That may be true, but the people who would do the eliminating may not know this and therefore go ahead with their plans; or they may not care how many people they have to kill. Meanwhile, a few murders of vocal activsts may serve to silence those who would take their place.

So What???

Some people are trying to slime Steven Jones in a Karl Rove-style attack by claiming that a Mormon who believes that Christ visited America is not credible. This blog points out that such attacks are as divisive as claims that all 9/11 truthers are anti-semitic, or that 9/11 truthers are crazy, or that 9/11 truthers are all bleeding heart liberals (all false claims used by government apologists to divide and conquer).

Michael Rivero is an atheist. Alex Jones is religious. Steve Bhaerman is a yogi. Rabbi Lerner is Jewish. William Sloane Coffin was Christian, David Ray Griffin and Bob Bowman are Christian. Kevin Barret is a muslim. Joanna Macy is Buddhist. Celestine Star (who produced a prominent 9/11 movie) appreciates native american beliefs.

SO WHAT??? Those are their personal beliefs. They are all promoting 9/11 truth. THAT's what counts.

I am sure there are sufis for 9/11 truth, and pagans for 9/11 truth, and wiccans for 9/11 truth, and sikhs for 9/11 truth, and hindus for 9/11 truth. There are certainly many atheists for 9/11 truth.

Pastor responds to follow up letter. Truth WINS!!!

Well guys, it did not take long to get a response from my pastor and I must say, I am pleasantly surprised with his response. This is very shocking because this church is what I would consider a very conservative southern Baptist church. It just goes to show, there is no stopping truth! His response follows along with my 2 original letters, in case you missed them:


Blessings *****,

 It's great to hear from you. Yes, I am very aware of the perspective that indicates that the whole WTC disaster may have been an "inside job" to give this country a plausible reason to go to war. There are many inconsistencies within the stories regarding the Pentagon attack as well. I do not disagree with you on this, but Jesus is very specific with me on my responsibilities and focus for this church. It just so happens that the whole WTC incident is not a part of Jesus' plan for FBC****** at this time.

As far as what you should personally do about your concerns, for that I currently have no answer except to say that affecting those around us right now in our sphere of influence is my and I believe God's main concern. I'm not sure if I helped, but I will be praying that you find the answers and the peace that your looking for.

Follow up letter to my Pastor.

God bless you, truth seekers,

I know I am not heard from that much since I can no longer go on this site at work, but I thought
I would follow up on the letter I wrote about 6 months ago to my Pastor. I'll let you know the response. I want to let everyone know that there are other Christian Truth Seekers out there. God Bless all of you and keep up the fight for turth.
The letter follows:

Hello Pastor *****,

I'm not sure where to start. It's been almost 6 months since I gave you that letter & DVD, Pastor *****. I prayed over that letter. I really prayed over it, intensely. I don't like to reveal to people the contents of my personal prayer, but I need you to know that I prayed for God to make clear to me if I was on the wrong track in regards to this issue. Since that morning 6 months ago, I have not been able to convince myself that all this is not true. In fact, the more I look into it, the more ridiculous the "official" story sounds. I remember a few months back, you mentioned in a sermon that you were a building inspector. I would imagine that you have some, if not extensive knowledge in building construction and have the mind to understand some aspects of structural engineering. I'm not sure if you are familiar with the design of the WTC, but it does not take long to understand the redundancy of these structures once you see how they were built. Yet, we watched them pulverize into dust like sand castles in 10 seconds. Freefall in a vacuum is 9 seconds. Add onto that the numerous reports of pre-collapse explosions, squibs down the sides of the building, plus a pyroclastic flow and what do you get? Controlled Demolition. I recommend you take a look at the Southwark Towers at that website. If you see little thumbnails at the bottom of the screen, it's the one on the bottom row, 3rd from the left. Its under "Cinema Explosif'" if you are not there. You will notice the pre-collapse explosions, squibs down the sides and a freefall collapse.