Propel 9/11 Truth

[Update: This story got to the top of the politics page, and then got buried! Not sure if it is censorship -- like Digg -- or they didn't like the "please email" format.]

As you know, Digg buries 9/11 stories (see Hunting Down Digg's Bury Brigade, Proof Digg's Bury Feature Abused to Suppress Controversial Content, Time To Fight Back Against Online Disinfo Agents and Trolls and Bury The Bury Brigade).

But Netscape has just launched its own version of Digg called "Propeller". After only a couple of weeks, it is already listed as about the 1,500th most popular website on Alexa.

Use Propeller to spread 9/11 truth.

To see how it works, please vote up my 9/11 story by clicking here.

Resources and Forum Added to 9/11 Action Net

New features have been added at the 9/11 Action Net during a recently revamp including a resources page with links to handy activist materials and a bright and shiny new forum with boards where truthers may request, offer or point out third-party sources of activism supplies as well as rideshares, lodging and venues for events and actions. And don't forget that 9AN is accepting activist directory entries for individuals and groups as always, as well as offering event posting services in the campaign index and around the web.