respnse to hit piece

Washington Post publishes Yukihisa Fujita's Letter to the Editor

What do you know.

The Washington Post actually published it.

And thankfully, he does not disavow 9/11 truth in this letter, just the ad hominem nature of the hit piece against him.

An inflammatory and partial view of a Japanese statesman

I would like to correct the erroneous stance taken by your The Post's March 8 editorial "Poisonous thinking in Japan."

First of all, I am not the head of the foreign affairs committee in the House of Councillors, as the editorial suggests, but one of the six directors (not the head) of the ad hoc Research Committee on International Affairs and Global Warming Issues. Nor am I responsible for policymaking in my capacity as director-general of the International Department of the Democratic Party of Japan, as The Post implied.