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US News Media's Latest Disgrace By Robert Parry

I thought the article re this issue yesterday on the front page of the NYT (and posted here on 911Blogger) was explosive. Yet not much more than a collective yawn today from America and/or other media outlets . . . much like Bush's recent admittance of torture knowledge+ on ABC. What the hell is going on? Are "we" all that numb? I don't think so . . . But there needs to be a media-driven outrage to jumpstart this . . . . a Catch-22 perhaps but maybe we're getting closer to this changing . . . I think some in the media are getting sick of themselves and their companies . . . Betsy

US News Media's Latest Disgrace

By Robert Parry
April 21, 2008

After prying loose 8,000 pages of Pentagon documents, the New York Times has proven what should have been obvious years ago: the Bush administration manipulated public opinion on the Iraq War, in part, by funneling propaganda through former senior military officers who served as expert analysts on TV news shows.