Riad Hamad

Deborah J. Palfrey: Just Another Suicide?

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There has a been a wave of suicides, or perhaps "suicides", in the wake of 9/11 that have become more brazenly suspicious as time goes on. The most bluntly suspicious recently are the deaths of Gary Webb, and very recently, Palestinian activist Riad Hamad. (Hamad's death preceded Palfrey only by a couple of weeks.)

Perhaps Ms. Palfrey's death is a legitimate suicide, however, the deaths of people that are inconvenient to the powers-that-be seems to be chugging along at a steady, ugly pace. This is why people are suspicious. I have put together a little list of recent odd suicides, together with a seldom-heard segment from an interview with Ms. Palfrey in 2007. (The interview is from Coast-to-Coast-am, and I want to be clear that I do not offer a general endorsement of the radio program, but Ms. Palfrey is very frank and enlightening in this interview with Ian Punnett, and I hope you'll agree it's worth hearing. She makes it clear that she was not given a regular ride through the justice system, she was targeted, and persecuted, with post-9/11 surveillance of wire transfers playing a key part.)

Two exceptions: One is Anton Ng, who was flat-out executed in Guatemala, he was an associate of Danny Casolaro's, and was killed shortly before Casolaro while researching BCCI. (Researching BCCI was also not very good for Mark Lombardi's health.) Another is Dr. David M. Graham, who appears to have been poisoned, with an intent to make it look he poisoned himself.