9/11 Truth Ribbons and Stickers

9/11 Ribbon
9/11 Ribbon

UPDATE: We heard from SupportOurRibbons.com and were told that the actual ribbon design is copywritten by them, however, you can contact them for custom designs and bulk orders. Please do so and do NOT use or alter their designs in any way.

Seeing a "support our troops" sticker on a car gave me the following thought: why not create 9/11 truth ribbons?

Order ribbons and stickers (or make your own), and put them on your clothes and your car. Put them on your website. Paste them into emails.

Get it? Got it? Go!!!

The copyright for the above images is not owned by me. The copyright for the actual drawings is probably owned by SupportOurRibbons.com, where I mocked them up. But no one can own the copyright to such a basic idea as a "support" type ribbon, so let's get busy!