Richard Bergeron

Chris Selley: Canada's first truther mayor?

Chris Selley, National Post

Earlier this month, Union Montréal — mayor Gérald Trembaly's party — put out a press release of the "Top 10 statements made by Richard Bergeron, Party Leader of Projet Montréal," and would-be successor to Mr. Tremblay. The number-one statement involved Mr. Bergeron not being totally convinced man ever walked on the moon. The number two and three statements involve his not being totally convinced the 9/11 attacks weren't "a simple act of state banditry of titanic proportions." I'll concede it's tough to rank the lunacy of these two propositions, but I think I'd have reversed them.

As Michèle Ouimet notes in an astonishing interview/article in La Presse, Mr. Bergeron suggested in 2005 that the plane crashes at the Pentagon and in Pennsylvania were nothing but "a macabre farce" — a pretext to "seize, once and for all, all the oil reserves in the Persian Gulf."