Richard Blake

Richard Blake calls the 9/11 truth movement a "pathology"

The pathology that is the 9/11 "truth" movement, Part Two

August 15, 10:13 PM · Richard Blake - Denver City Buzz Examiner

As promised, (and Heaven knows why I promised this), I have looked into the 9/11 events for the umpteenth time and looked at just about anything I could on the subject. I am finally totally burned out on the investigation and these last thoughts I will not argue again ad infinitum. If others want to do so that is their right, but really I don't see any point to it. Yes it is personally annoying to suffer personal attacks because of my opinions but it goes with the territory, especially on the internet. I just about fainted the other day when an article I had done for Associated Content actually received a rational and favorable comment.

That comment had to do with my original article on the confrontation with Jones, Malkin and myself at the Denver Mint during the Democratic Convention