It's a tragedy that you're here!

Although each encounter was interesting and memorable, this was notable. A fellow, who's name I never got came by to exclaim, "It was a tragedy!, 9/11 was a tragedy!". And he didn't find any disagreement. He mumbled some things like planes can bring down buildings... that's just the way it is...". He went on about having respect for the those who lost family members and exclaimed, "It's a tragedy that you're here!". Meaning, of course, that we were stirring up the rubble that had long solidified from its weeks long molten state and was probably better off left alone. I pointed out that many family members were part of the movement and desired further investigation. Unconvinced he turned to me and repeated himself. I agreed with him, emotionally. I knew exactly what he meant. I said, "I agree with you but to me it's a tragedy and a disgrace that we HAVE to be here. To us, the events of 9/11 is an unfinished story that demands answers particularly for those affected that day." I encouraged him to read the questions on the board but he moved on in a cloak that prohibited any objectivity.