Robert David Steele

Steele issues PR on 9/11 Seminar - 11/11/2006

(Thanks, parrotfish44)

OSS CEO Shares Information About 9/11 Truth Seminar at George Mason University (Arlington Campus) 10-5 Saturday 11 November 2006

WASHINGTON, Nov. 9 /PRNewswire/ -- Robert David Steele (Vivas), CEO of
OSS.Net, Inc., is sharing information about a 9/11 Truth Seminar taking
place at the Arlington Campus of George Mason University from 10-5 on
Saturday 11 November 2006.

"This Nation can neither win wars, nor govern itself ably, if our
politicians lie to us and to one another. It is in this context that I have
agreed to introduce Webster Tarpley, author of '9/11: Synthetic Terror Made
in the USA,' and that I strongly recommend this local 'truth seminar' to
one and all, but especially to young intelligence analysts who have not yet
been corrupted by the politicization and bureaucratization of intelligence.
Over 350 people can be accommodated this Saturday.

"The 9/11 Commission was a white-wash. In my view, there is ample
evidence with which to indict George Bush and Dick Cheney for high crimes
and misdemeanors not yet properly investigated.