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Letter to the Editor - Daily Reflector - Greenville NC


A letter to the editor by RL McGee on the search for 9/11 truth was published today (Wed, Sept 3rd) in the Daily Reflector in Greenville, NC, today. The letter and any online comments can be read at

Letter to the Editor - Greenville NC

Ron Paul: 3000 people from 9/11 would still be alive

Rep. Ron Paul MD spoke at the Ron Paul Rally at the University of South Florida Sun Dome, preceding the Republican National Convention in Tampa on August 26, 2012.

"Talking about foreign policy like this, and emphasizing Blow Back, somebody rather nastily said the other day on the internet, and they said 'Oh yeah, if those Paul people had been in charge, Osama Bin Laden would still be alive.' But you know what I think the answer is? So would the 3000 people from 9/11 be alive!"

At that, the crowd cheered. C-SPAN

Ron Paul - We've Been Neo-Conned!

Ron Paul - July 10, 2003 -

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"The Defense Policy Board, chaired by Richard Perle played no small role in coordinating the various projects and think tanks, all determined to take us into war against Iraq. It wasn't too long before the dream of empire was brought closer to reality by the election of 2000 with Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld playing key roles in this accomplishment. The plan to promote an “American greatness” imperialistic foreign policy was now a distinct possibility. Iraq offered a great opportunity to prove their long-held theories. This opportunity was a consequence of the 9-11 disaster."

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Ron Paul: 9/11 prompted "glee" in Bush administration

CBS Video Here:

Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul said Thursday evening that Bush administration officials were gleeful after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks because it gave them a pretext to invade Iraq.

"Just think of what happened after 9/11. Immediately before there was any assessment there was glee in the administration because now we can invade Iraq," the Texas Republican told a group of mostly young backers in Iowa. He went on to suggest officials are now setting the stage for an invasion of Iran.

KZYX Interview with Abby Martin of Media Roots on 9/11, Left/ Right Paradigm

Interview with Abby Martin of Media Roots on Left/Right Paradigm by Media Roots

MEDIA ROOTS- Doug Mckenty from KZYX's Thursday Morning Report conducts an hour interview with Abby Martin of Media Roots about the false left/right paradigm, the renaissance of citizen journalism, corporate media censorship and 9/11: the awakening, the cover up, the impact.

Check out more here.

For the Love of Gaddafi!

An examination of the role of the United States in revolutions of the recent past may shed light on the origin and intent of the current upheaval in Libya.

Ron Paul: Oath to US Constitution rejected by both parties’ “leadership.” US revolt coming?

hyperlinks and video live at source:

Congressman Ron Paul spoke on the House floor for 5-minutes on US policy to assassinate US citizens at the dictate of the executive branch based on “secret evidence,” US policy of torture that includes American citizens and without legal recourse, US policy of rendition to secret prisons, and unlimited detention.

He concludes with “emperor has no clothes” obvious observation that these acts are unlawful.

Dr. Paul states with “emperor has no clothes” simple fact that the “leadership” of both Republican and Democratic parties uphold these policies despite their Orwellian opposition to our US Constitution that our government and military have oaths to support and defend against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

The video is below.

Yukihisa Fujita Snubbed by legislative colleague, Rep., Ron Paul

Ron Paul Camp Snubs Japanese Peacemaker Yukihisa Fujita
by IndyInAsia on Feb.21, 2010, under Economy, International Relations, US News, World News

Is it Ron Paul himself? Is it Ron Paul staff members out of control, failing to communicate to Congressman Dr. Paul?

Why does Ron Paul refuse to meet Yuki Fujita?

Yukihisa Fujita, Director-General of the International Department of The Democratic Party of Japan (ruling party), and Director of the Committee on Financial Affairs in the House of Councillors (upper house) of the National Diet of Japan, who is somewhat of a folk hero to many Ron Paul RƎVO˩UTIONaries, has been trying diligently for months to make a personal contact with Congressman Dr. Paul. During that time, multiple faxes to multiple Ron Paul fax numbers, multiple phone calls to multiple Ron Paul offices, attempts by people with personal access to Dr. Paul, and finally, a plea from the Japanese Embassy directly to Ron Paul’s Congressional Offices in Washington, all have gone for naught, the inquiry from the Japanese government meeting with a flat refusal.


Ron Paul: “The CIA Runs Everything”
January 21, 2010

The CIA was created at the behest of the bankers on Wall Street. OSS spook and Wall Street lawyer Frank Wisner was recruited by Dean Acheson to work under Charles Saltzman, at the State Department’s Office of Occupied Territories in 1947. The CIA’s first director, Allen Dulles, was a Wall Street lawyer.

The CIA is Wall Street’s finely honed tool for the neoliberal agenda of the banksters. “A considerable proportion of the developed world’s prosperity rests on paying the lowest possible prices for the poor countries’ primary products and on exporting high-cost capital and finished goods to those countries. Continuation of this kind of prosperity requires continuation of the relative gap between developed and underdeveloped countries – it means keeping poor people poor,” former CIA agent Philip Agee wrote. “Increasingly, the impoverished masses are understanding that the prosperity of the developed countries and of the privileged minorities in their own countries is founded on their poverty.”

Highlights from the Audit the Fed Bill Hearings with Ron Paul and others

I realize this is not strictly 9/11 related but I think there are more than a few who read this blog who would be interested in seeing this.

Yukihisa Fujita on 9/11 on 11SEP09!!

SERIOUSLY, we need more politicians like him!!

Yukihisa Fujita on Ron Paul Radio

Yukihisa Fujita IndyInAsia Jack Blood 09/11/09

This is a rough cut of the September 11, 2009 IndyInAsia & Jack Blood interview with Yukihisa Fujita - Part 1. Callers include William Rodriguez, Manny Badillo, and more.

Part 1~Part12