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WeAreChangeLA questions Ron Paul about the IMF and why he won't come out about 9-11 Truth

In this brief and powerful interview, much is revealed. Kyley, a member of WeAreChangeLA, caught up with Ron Paul while in Las Vegas at the Campaign for Liberty, and asked him about how to deal with the IMF and why he won't come out about the truth about 9/11.

Kyley: If we're going to audit the Fed, don't we need to also have to audit the IMF, given they're connected?"

Ron Paul on Senate Floor 1/9/09: Israel Created Hamas

Just as the Mujahadeen were trained by the CIA to defeat communists, only to later become our enemy when they started "blowing back," the same is true of Hamas and Israel. I never looked at the Israel/Hamas situation quite this way before, but Dr. Paul makes alot of sense.


By Justin Martell

Ron Paul’s Rally for the Republic took place only a few blocks from the Republican National Convention and brought a crowd of nearly ten thousand despite being publicized mostly through word of mouth and the internet.

Ventura Speaks 9/11 Truth to Crowd of 10,000 at Ron Paul Rally for the Republic

By Justin Martell

At the Ron Paul Rally for the Republic held at the Target Center in St. Paul, Minnesota a few blocks from the Republican National Convention, former Governor of Minnesota Jesse Ventura questioned 9/11 to a crowd of nearly 10,000 people and received an overwhelmingly positive response.

"I'm going to move on to another subject that a lot of people don't want to discuss today," he said, "I know when I discuss it, it's amazing, I get attacked!" The crowd listened intently as he went on, "And that's something called 9/11!" The crowd erupted into spontaneous applause. Ventura continued and discussed the fact that on the FBI's most wanted terrorist page, Osama bin Laden is not wanted for 9/11. He asked why expressed disgust with the Bush Administration's stonewalling any investigation into the attacks.

Below is the video of Ventura's 9/11 remarks, as well as his response to reporters when asked about the subject backstage after his speech:

Ron Paul: physical opposition to government may become necessary

Ron Paul: physical opposition to government may become necessary

By Peter Duveen

PETER'S NEW YORK, August 20, 2008--In a radio interview today, U.S. congressman Ron Paul said it may become necessary for citizens to resort to physical opposition if the government continues to erode civil liberties and commit international acts of aggression.

Asked by radio show host Alex Jones if he believed in the use of violence or other physical action to oppose an unjust government, Paul, a one-time presidential candidate for the Libertarian Party and a contender for the Republican presidential nomination until he dropped out of the race earlier this year, answered in the affirmative.

"Well, there's always that possibility that that time will come." he said. "I believe in that."

Paul then cited Mahatma Gandhi, the Indian spiritual leader who led nonviolent demonstrations to promote the independence of India from Great Britain, and Martin Luther King, who used the same nonviolent techniques on behalf of the American civil rights movement in the 1960s, as examples of physical protest.

Flack Jackets highly recommended.

911bloggers... tell me again why 9/11 justice isn't a proper subject burdened upon constitutional liberty? Hasn't this been covered here before? Are the supporters of Ron Paul's campaign for liberty just a few semesters behind? Or the other way around?

An active blog discussing this juxtaposition can be seen at

Responding to a claim by a rare "prior 9/11 Truther" who's "seen new light":

Well done...
On July 8th, 2008 Erin S. Myers says:

... your response makes me take a deep breath. Thank you, Treg. (I'm talking about a full name. This will be our last correspondence without your last name. Nothing personal, but you and I are still on uneven ground here. Agree?)

Nice video. Yet I noticed that the video has a healthy collection of prior effort, trail blazed and developed with a lot of "9/11" war-making vs. truth-seeking DNA.

Fantastic '911 Truth' handout and method... 0.33 cent per handout!

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"Trutherpalooza" 9/11 Truth Music & Art Expo, August 29th, 2008 @ San Diego State University is proud to announce "Trutherpalooza", a music and art expo that will take place at San Diego State University on August 29th, 2008. We have rented Montezuma Hall, capacity 850, from 8:00am until 10:00pm, so this will be an ALL day event. "Trutherpalooza" will raise money for the first responders, allow artists to showcase their talents, and raise 9/11 Truth awareness in San Diego and Southern California region.

This is an open call to ALL truthers everywhere. We are currently looking for musicians, bands, and artists that have a 9/11 Truth/Anti-New World Order/Peace/Ron Paul/Freedom related message All artists, bands, and musicians, BIG or small, are encouraged to contact us if you are interested in promoting the 9/11 Truth message as well as yourself. If you are not an artist, musician, or in a band, but you would like to participate or help out with this event, please contact us as well.

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Ron Paul: Doesn't Accept 9/11 Investigation

"From Glenn Beck (replacement propagandist) on 6/19/08."

Glenn Beck asks Ron Paul why he has so many supporters in the 9/11 truth movement.
YouTube Video:

The NAFTA Superhighway is DEAD (at least for now)


I realize this is not exactly 9/11 truth related but it does deal with the NAFTA Superhighway (Trans Texas Cooridor [TTC]) and, in a sense, the North American Union (NAU). As a delegate to the 2008 Texas Republican State Convention, I can say first hand that resolutions against the TTC and the NAU were turned in, voted upon, passed and are now part of the Texas Republican Party platform. It just goes to show that if you fight hard enough, significant battles here and there can be won (even amongst a slew of close-minded capitalists). Nothing is impossible. The TTC has effectively been killed (the government's first attempt at it, that is).

Bob Barr on Glen Beck talks about Patriot Act, NAU, NAFTA Superhighway, and "9/11 truthers"

Bob Barr on Glenn Beck 06/06/2008 - Part 5:

Covers the Patriot Act, civil liberties, the Second Amendment, border security, the NAU (North American Union), the NAFTA Superhighway, and "9/11 truthers".