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video features We Are Change footage. Enjoy!

Welcome to Paulites Against Truthers

Just so you guys know, at, truthers and Paulites alike are duking it out over this issue:

Noam Chomsky dismisses 9/11 "inside job" Truth (Great Comments by him!)


Welcome to Paulites Against Truthers

Attention 9/11 truthers who have polluted Ron Paul's campaign: We authentic (libertarian-conservative free-market capitalist) Paulites want you to leave the campaign. Dr. Paul does not agree with you and wants you to shut your mouths.

9/11 Truth Movement Should Support Cynthia McKinney for President!

Many people in the 9/11 Truth Movement have understandably been energized by the Ron Paul campaign for President. It was indeed heartening to see a contender for the Republican Party nomination who was supportive of the call for a new, genuine, thorough and comprehensive investigation of 9/11.

However, now that that the Republican race is all but over, and Mr. Paul has indicated that he will not seek to run as an independent, I ask those of you in the Movement (who have not already done so) to please consider lending your financial and volunteer support to former Georgia Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, who is seeking the Green Party nomination for President of the United States.

Nader supports new independent inquiry into 9-11

PETER’S NEW YORK, April 14, 2008--Ralph Nader, the consumer activist and independent presidential candidate, seems to think that the report of the commission assigned to investigate the events of 9-11 should not be the last word.

"There are unanswered questions in the 9-11 investigation, and they should be answered," Nader said at a recent address at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia. "How do you go from plausibility to evidence? You have a more independent inquiry."

On the morning of September 11, 2001, airliners collided with each of the twin towers of New York City’s World Trade Center, after which they and a third nearby office building mysteriously collapsed. Other incidents on the same day at the Pentagon and in a field in Pennsylvania were also attributed to aircraft collisions. All were pitched by the government as the result of a terrorist conspiracy, although it is widely believed that the government may have played a direct role in orchestrating the events.

Why the Double Standards? Can't We Hold Our Congressional Representatives to Full Accountability?

Please look at both these videos and ask yourself if there are any Double Standards.

Alex Jones Smacks Down a 9/11 Kool-Aid Drinker

Ron Paul @ Fox Debate Pt.2 1-10-08

This is not a personal attack on Alex Jones or Ron Paul even though I believe many may miscontrue my statements or intentions.

I just want to get matters Clarified and get to the Truth as I am sure we all will like to.

The following are my comments.

Ron Paul on Coast To Coast AM - Supports A New 9/11 Investigation

During his interview last night on Coast To Coast AM Ron Paul said he supports a new 9/11 investigation.

John McCain Takes Photos With 9/11 Truthers!

John McCain Takes Photos With 9/11 Truthers!

I did a quick remix of MNChange's confrontation with McCain, partly to try and help Ron Paul but to also highlight the hypocrisy seeming they want to constantly try and "tar" RP by associating him with 9/11 Truth, well here's an incredibly enthusiastic McCain doing something Ron Paul has never done unfortunately, so where's Faux on this one?

Ron Paul & Swiss Cheese


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Ron Paul & Swiss Cheese

The perceived threat of Islamic fundamentalism is keeping many voters from considering Ron Paul for president. That perception is based on the official story of 9-11, the swiss cheese of explanations. Pointing out the holes is easy, getting people to look is not, but that is the key to widespread acceptance of his message.

by James Goodfellow


I participated in my precinct Republican Party caucus last weekend. I am happy to announce that Ron Paul won our county. While I was there, I had the opportunity to speak with several people about their candidate of choice. The one position that McCain, Huckabee, et al. supporters completely reject from Ron Paul, and one I couldn't immediately counter in casual conversation, was the threat of Islamic terrorism.

Ron Paul Announces Intention Of Organizing Massive Rally In Washington D.C. This Summer

Tuesday February 12, 2008
Ron Paul Announces His Intention Of Holding A Massive Rally In Washington D.C. On July 4th (Details TBD)

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Do You Believe In Life After Paul?


They are also vocal supporters of impeachment and a new 9/11 investigation, which many Paul supporters wish he would have stood behind.

February 6, 2008 at 10:04:44

Do You Believe In Life After Paul?

by Caleb Friz

The Ron Paul campaign is over. While he may hang in there for a few more weeks, the hope of Dr. Paul having any sway at a brokered convention has been dashed as he failed to pick up a substantial amount of delegates tonight on Super Tuesday. While he did have some double digit showings in North Dakota, Minnesota, Montana, and Alaska, these winner take all states did not boost his profile in the end. The only strong states he has left are Washington and Texas, but after his poor showing tonight it is unlikely that he will succeed in those states. As much as it hurts me to admit it, Ron Paul is finished.

Richard Gage, Carol Brouillet, and Kevin Barrett Discuss Today's Super Tuesday Elections on No Lies Radio!!

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NEWS FLASH -- 911 Truth Leaders Richard Gage, Carol Brouillet and Kevin Barrett discuss today's Super Tuesday Elections on NO LIES RADIO. Find out if Cynthia McKinney and Ron Paul support 911Truth, will Obama start World War III, what Guilanni really did on September 11th, who runs America, who profits from all the wars, the evidence for controlled demolition, Carols' possible run for Congress again and how you can help her, the evidence for an "air defense stand-down" on September 11th. Make your vote count today. Get the real 911 election news before you vote.


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My comment about Giuliani, the WTC, and WeAreChange under James Kirchick's article "Paul's Pause"

Yesterday, at a very late hour for me, James Kirchick published online in The New Republic his article "Paul's Pause". As it looked at the time like no reader had yet to post even one word in the comments section, I decided to take the opportunity to speak my 9/11 truther mind and point out why it is more important for The New Republic (and Kirchick) to be focused on a few unanswered questions about Rudy Giuliani and 9/11 than on Ron Paul and his newsletters.