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Ron Paul delivers a historic speech. ...And is recieved by deafening silence.

To all the Ron Paul naysayers: I challenge you to listen to this speech in its entirety and tell me he isn't fighting to get the truth out there. If Congressman Paul comes out vocally for 9/11 Truth right now, he is finished. If he had broached the topic in the first debate, he would never have made it to the second debate. I guarantee Ron Paul is going to make far larger waves by staying in the race and blowing open issues like the ones he raises here, as opposed to prematurely blurting "conspiracy theories" and being booted from public discourse.

Candidate Paul Assigns Reading to Giuliani.

Unfortunately, Congressman Paul is reinforcing blowback on 9/11, but this is still funny nonetheless.

Candidate Paul assigns reading to Giuliani

By Andy Sullivan

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Longshot Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul (news, bio, voting record) on Thursday gave front-runner Rudy Giuliani a list of foreign-policy books to back up his contention that attacks by Islamic militants are fueled by the U.S. presence in the Middle East.

"I'm giving Mr. Giuliani a reading assignment," the nine-term Texas congressman said as he stood behind a stack of books that included the report by the commission that examined the attacks on the United States on September 11, 2001.

Giuliani was mayor of New York when Islamic militants slammed two commercial airliners into the World Trade Center, a role that has vaulted him to the front of the Republican presidential pack despite his liberal social positions.

"I don't think he's qualified to be president," Paul said of Giuliani. "If he was to read the book and report back to me and say, 'I've changed my mind,' I would reconsider."

Founders Of Student Scholars For 9/11 Truth React To Fox News’ Ron Paul Smear Campaign


“That's an extraordinary statement, as someone who lived through the attack of September 11, that we invited the attack because we were attacking Iraq. I don't think I've heard that before, and I've heard some pretty absurd explanations for September 11th. (Applause, cheers.)"

That is how former New York Mayor, and GOP Presidential Candidate, Rudolph Giuliani responded to GOP Presidential Candidate Rep. Ron Paul’s opinion that we were not attacked on 9/11 because Islamic Fascists “hate our freedoms,” but rather, because of blowback from irresponsible U.S. foreign policy that has had America interfering in the affairs of middle eastern nations for years.

To most, Paul’s position would not be considered out of line. Anyone who has any semblance of understanding of the history of U.S. covert operations knows that the assertion that the U.S. has been interfering with Middle Eastern politics is true. Ever since the end of World War II, the United States has insisted upon being involved in the region’s affairs in order to remain friendly with oil rich nations and keep those nations from falling into the hands of individuals that won’t comply with western countries. In order to keep things that way, America has engaged in some unscrupulous behavior that has stirred hostility in the region. Ron Paul is merely expressing an understanding of that hostility, not excusing it. The neo-conservative candidates and their lapdogs are insisting that that the historical record is not important because they have “declared war on the west.” This mindset is ignorant and mind-blowing.

Ron Paul Deals With "Trutherism" accusations

Google Blogs Alert for: 9/11 inside job

Ron Paul on 9/11 and Eric Dondero
By (David Weigel)
Reason: So what did you mean when you told Student Scholars you'd be open to a new 9/11 investigation? Paul: Well, I think the more we know about what we went on is good. But I don't think there's any evidence of [an inside job] and I ...
Reason Magazine - Hit & Run -

Ron Paul on 9/11 and Eric Dondero

David Weigel | May 22, 2007, 11:41am

Right after that Ron Paul interview session I followed Paul to ask about his encounter with 9/11 "Truth" campaigners and Eric Dondero's planned primary challenge.
Reason: What did you mean when you told the Scholars that "the [9/11] investigation is an investigation in which there were government cover-ups"?

Guiliani Disqualifies Himself As Presidential Hopeful


Written by Mike Green
Published May 22, 2007

The recent exchange between Republican presidential hopefuls Rudy Guiliani of New York and Ron Paul of Texas ought to serve as a metaphor for what's wrong with the political process in this nation. The two were addressing the attacks of 9/11 — the elephant that has lumbered around America for nearly six years while leaders have long sought to ignore it.

The simple discourse revealed enormous complexities.

Paul: "They attack us because we've been over there. We've been bombing Iraq for 10 years. We've been in the Middle East."

An angry Guiliani responded that as someone who lived through the attack of September 11 — “that we invited the attack because we were attacking Iraq — I don't think I've ever heard that before, and I've heard some pretty absurd explanations for September 11th. ... I would ask the congressman to withdraw that comment and tell us that he didn't really mean that."

Vote Ron Paul

Way behind in this poll, spread it around:

9/11 being al queda 'Blowback' and Inside Job are BOTH TRUE

Kurt Nimmo says in this article, Corporate Media Embraces 9/11 Blowback Theory , that Ron Paul's dust up about 9/11 with Giuliani is in opposition to 9/11 truth. While I fully agree that blowback has been used, especially by gatekeepers like Chomsky, to go against 9/11 truth, in actually, it isn't in opposition at all.

Arizona GOP Poll - Ends at midnight

The Arizona Republican party is conducting a poll with the question:

"Who do you think won the South Carolina GOP Presidential Debate?"

You can cast your vote at

We are told you will have to vote before midnight tonight for your vote to be counted.

Rudy Giuliani Attacks Freedom, Profits from Terror, But Does Not Read

Rudy Giuliani, Republican candidate for President is calling for increased use of “electronic surveillance” and “interrogations” in the “War on Terror.”

It would seem clear from reports (Newsweek), that Giuliani has a clear motivation to keep domestic security in the publics mind, other than public safety.

"And he [has] been charging $100,000 a speech - $200,000 when he lingers for chitchat or a meal or two.

Yes, as the records now show, 9/11 has been very, very good to Rudy."

“In the new FEC filing from the Giuliani campaign, he put his personal assets in the $13-million to $66-million range, including his share of the Giuliani & Co. consulting firm. And most of the income, more than $11 million, came from speaking fees.”

What Every 9/11 Truther Needs To Know About Ron Paul

I am happy that so many here on this site are supporters of Ron Paul, but I am equally dismayed but the number of short-sighted posts expressing the general sentiment that since Ron Paul didn't climb up on his podium during the debates and begin yelling "9/11 was an inside job" that he is nothing more, or nothing better than the rest of the bought-and-paid-for shills that shared the stage. I am posting this video so you may have a chance to become educated on what Ron Paul stands for with regards to the Neocons that have taken over this country, which is a huge building block and premise of 9/11 Truth. I want every so-called 9/11 truther who is a skeptic of Ron Paul to take 51 minutes out of their lives and watch this very important video. I have heard people denigrate Paul for his concept of "blow-back" regarding 9/11, well I have news for you, when you watch this video you will be amazed at the topics he touches on, and how many of them are key points of the 9/11 Truth movement today - and then you will need to keep reminding yourself that this speech is from July 10th of 2003. That's pretty much well before any organized truth movement existed to any credible degree.

Petition Against Ron Paul Dropped

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Shure, from, called Saul Anuzis' office, head of the Michigan Republican Party to find out why Saul Anuzis wanted Ron Paul kicked from the debates. Shure is basically told by an aide to Anuzis that Anuzis spoke with his RNC collegues and decided to drop the petition against Ron Paul. Here's the phone call:

Here's the original thread over at Pilots for 9/11 Truth forums:

RON PAUL ACTION ALERT NOW! - Southeastern State GOP Conventions May 18-19

MAY 18-19, 2007 RON PAUL 2008 ACTION ALERT


This is an action alert to all Ron Paul supporters in the Southeastern United States. The state GOP conventions offer a once-a-year only opportunity to get face to face with a huge number of party members.

The GOP web site has a locator map for the several State GOP web sites. Please use this map to locate your State's GOP web site to determine when it's convention will be held.

I have just discovered that two GOP conventions, Georgia and South Carolina, are being held THIS WEEKEND. The North Carolina GOP will hold their convention in early June. It is imperative that Ron Paul supporters take this opportunity to get out in front of their State's GOP and show support for the man! Please quickly get this information out to as many people possible. This is a NOW OR NEVER call to service. We must must not squander this opportunity to demonstrate the massive and still growing level of support for Ron Paul!

Georgia State GOP Convention

Newt Gingrich - Keynote Speaker

May 18-19
Gwinnett Civic Center
Duluth, Georgia

Activism Alert: Sean Hannity Phone Jam - Right Now, 3-6PM EST 800-941-7326


Today we are targeting the Sean Hannity radio show for a phone jam to educate Sean on the fact that his smearing of Ron Paul and soft-peddling of the amnesty bill will not go without opposition. Call Hannity 3-6PM EST at 800.941.7326.

The Ron Paul Smear Campaign

I actually didn't mind their description of us. - Jon


Doug Kendall
May 17, 2007

By now, it is painfully obvious to most people in the freedom movement that Republican presidential hopeful, Ron Paul, has been targeted for elimination—by his own Party. The politically-connected elite within the Republican Party, along with allied organizations and operatives, are working overtime to make sure that Ron Paul is burned at the stake for daring to speak the truth and defy the Good Ol’ Boy system.

In all honesty, Dr. Paul should have known that he would be set up in the second debate—after he scored so high in poll after poll, following the first debate—and after he made it clear that he would not tow the neo-con, police-state, Giuliani-style “war” on terror line.

GOP wants to bar Ron Paul from debates because of 9/11 views

ACTION ALERT: Contact the Republican National Committee and tell them in no uncertain terms that the Republican Party is FINISHED if they choose to deny free speech by removing Ron Paul and you will NEVER vote for them again:

RNC #: 1-202-863-8500
Gopac: 1-202-464-5170

Also, sign the petition here:

Aaron Russo of America: Freedom to Fascism fame is pushing hard for this, please take action and make the calls. If the lines are busy, keep trying. Also, send this alert to your contacts, call radio shows etc, and TAKE ACTION!!!

Source: KTEN News

Associated Press - May 16, 2007 7:45 PM ET

The chairman of the Michigan Republican Party said today he will try to bar presidential candidate Ron Paul from future GOP debates.