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Republicans Continue To Forget 9/11 Happened

Source: Air America
The Ron Reagan Show

Ron Reagan follows the lead of Chris Matthews and takes the GOP to task for their fudging of facts.

CHRIS MATTHEWS: What have they done, the Republican Party, for the people?

Good question! In the wake of the retirement announcements of Democratic Senators Chris Dodd and Byron Dorgan, “Hardball” host Chris Mathews had a couple of campaign strategists on to discuss the political implications for both parties. Republican Todd Harris was the target of that pointed query and he didn’t seem eager to offer an answer. I suppose he should have known better; when Chris gets his dander up, ducking his questions is a bit like waving a pork chop under the muzzle of a pit bull:

TODD HARRIS: Well Chris, as you well know, voters don’t decide elections.

MATTHEWS: No, I’m asking you a question: what has the Republican Party done for the people in the last ten, twelve years?